February 25, 2024

Fox News voter analysis looked at 1,800 voters in the New Hampshire Republican Primary and found that over one-third of them said they would NEVER vote for former President Donald Trump.

Trump defeated former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley by roughly 12 points Tuesday night but did so by garnering only 54.5% of the New Hampshire vote. The Granite State primary is unique because it allows unaffiliated voters to register on the day of voting, allowing voters who identify as Independent or Democrat to vote in a GOP primary.

While Trump predictably called it a huge victory and signaled to his surrogates to call for Haley to drop out, the margin of victory isn’t that big, and the voter analysis from Fox News suggests deeper problems for Trump’s viability in a general election.

Steve Doocy reported the results of the polling data on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning. He noted that 62% of unaffiliated voters in New Hampshire went for Nikki Haley, while 83% of “very conservative” primary voters in the state went for  Donald Trump.

“But here is the rub,” Doocy said, noting how “a lot of major publications today are talking about this.” He then posed the question asked of pollsters, “How would you feel if Trump wins the nomination?” It turns out that only 53% of Republicans said would be very satisfied.”

“But here’s the problem for the former president,” he continued. “According to our voter analysis, 35% of Republicans said they would not vote for Donald Trump.” He added that a Politico article reported that “43% of Nikki Haley voters yesterday would vote for Joe Biden.”

Ainsley Earhardt feebly pushed back on the tough polling data in her signature pro-Trump manner, saying, “Well, 43. So he would get the rest of that, which is a lot.”

It is not enough to win the general election if the New Hampshire voters indicate how the rest of the nation feels, though that is yet undetermined.

Watch above via Fox News.

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