April 14, 2024

I’ve been trying to figure out what The Powers That Be (TPTB) are up to and how it’s going to affect me. I can only speak of my own strategy for the coming deep recession and/or depression. I can’t solve the big picture crisis. I can only attend to my own farm and family. My primary goals have been to grow food as if our lives depend upon it, and to get as far away as possible from any big city without being so remote I can’t get help. Additionally, since I rely on banking, a year or so ago I spread money out between a national bank, a regional bank, a local bank, and a local credit union. It’s a lot to keep up with, but if I ever need to get access to cash quickly, then I’ll have choices.

I also keep enough cash at home to cover simple needs and repairs, but I don’t hoard cash at home. I do not keep large bank balances because I spend the money on home and farm infrastructure, as well as self-sufficiency goals. In my mind, what good is money in the bank if I can’t access it? Everyone should have an emergency fund – but that could be cash, precious metals, skills, supplies, and the ability to barter.

If I had to close the gates, so to speak, could we hunker down and have what we needed, outside the banking and other systems, to survive for the long haul? Possibly, but not totally. After researching and listening to some contrarian voices, I’ve come to some conclusions, for myself. I thought I’d share in case it’s helpful to someone. Remember, I’m just a city girl turned farm girl and have no background in financial advice.

My hunch is that Janet Yellen, and her ilk, are intent upon crashing all regional banks, large credit unions, and small banks. The goal is to herd people into the large national/international banks who they’ve promised to backstop, implement a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the globalist plan of managing and monitoring everything people do with their money. If we don’t comply, we will be cut off from our own money. Clear signs that we are in the End Times and the Mark of the Beast is nigh. The first thing everyone should do is get right with God. Now. He is the only one Who is going to save us.

In practical terms, the advice on SurvivalBlog has always been tangibles, tangibles, tangibles. To me, that means infrastructure, tools, the means to grow food, and protect your family. Not so simple, but the basics still apply: a relatively safe Location, access to Energy, access to Water, access to Food, and the ability to Protect the Retreat. I will share what I’m doing about the financial apocalypse that is in progress, and how that relates to the above. It may be terrible advice. I have no idea. Here goes…


A few years ago, I took the idea of a safe retreat location to heart. My first attempt at it was a cabin in the central Idaho mountains. It was a several hour drive to any big city. I had to stock up during the summer months since I couldn’t navigate the roads during the winter. That location worked well in regards to personal security, but not well enough for growing food because the growing season was very short and I lived in a forest. My second attempt was to buy a small Farm in Tennessee. I live outside a small town, but a couple of hours drive from the big city, and a several hour drive from crime-ridden areas. The growing season is long and the climate is great for growing. Both states have strong 2nd Amendment protections. Not everything is perfect, but it’s good enough and safe enough.

I talked to a gal recently about location. Her fear was that she was “behind enemy lines”, as in located in a “blue state”. She has a wonderful location where she can grow food and does so. My personal opinion is that if you are far outside a large city and have the ability to grow food, that’s probably good enough. I have family that also are living “behind enemy lines”. I pray for them daily. But, I also know they are well armed, trained, and have the means to protect themselves should the cities overflow looking for food. They are prepared to flee should it be required.

I personally think that getting to a safe location, in spite of all the financial chaos going on, is an important goal. Better to “lose money” on a move than have the banks close, have no money, and be stuck – in my opinion. The trick to it, in my opinion, is to buy way under your means, all cash if possible, and focus on fixer uppers rather than the perfect home. If things improve, you can upgrade your circumstances. If not, you will be in a safe location. My two cents.

Access to Energy

The Powers That Be (TPTB) will turn off your electricity if you don’t measure up to their social goals via a “social credit score”. After they herd everyone into the big banks and implement a CBDC, they will then enforce ESG (Environmental, Social, corporate Governance). Basically, in layman’s terms: “If you ain’t woke enough, you don’t get stuff.” For example, you must buy into the climate change emergency. You must accept perversion under the banner of equality. Certain classes of people will get stuff under the banner of equity, but not you because you aren’t “diverse” enough to make the cut. See what I mean? It’s all about forcing the one world government on all peoples, and that government will assuredly not be a Christian, or kind, one. This goes way beyond “race” people. This is your right to worship as you see fit, keep and bear arms, speak freely, and manage your own affairs. Our very freedom is at stake.

If I had no electricity, it would be really tough to make things work but I can. I have an all electric house (no solar), but I have alternative methods of cooking: propane powered large boiler pot, charcoal or wood powered grill, firewood stored in the barns, a gas generator, etc. I have a large fireplace to keep the house warm when/if needed, extra blankets, jackets, hats, gloves, and socks. I have a way to wash clothes if I can’t run the washer and dryer, and laundry line that can quickly be strung up, and clothespins, along with a stash of bar soap. I purposefully don’t have carpet in the house, so I can use a broom and dustpan if I can’t run the vacuum. Just thinking about no electricity doesn’t have to be scary. Think in terms of alternatives.

Many of my ancestors were dirt poor and lived in the Appalachian regions. They immigrated from Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and England. They had no electricity, running water, or money. If they had not made it, with the little that they had, then I would not be here today. If they could do it, then I can do it. I am borrowing their strength.

What I did early on, was to pay attention to what I do throughout my day. I make coffee using an electric coffee pot. How will I boil water? I make breakfast using the electric stove. How will I cook eggs or bake bread? Those who have a wood-burning stove are ahead of the game at this point. I don’t have one in this house so I had to think of different methods. I have cast iron cookware that I can put directly over an open fire or on a grill if needed. A little camp stove that uses wood (small branches and wood chips) would be far more useful than one that relies on small propane bottles unless you have a stash of those. Eventually, you will run out of propane. A supply of wood is a critical prep, so I have wood stored in the barns.

I can keep warm during the winter, but our summers are very hot and humid. Summers here without electricity would be very difficult without air conditioning, and that’s where water comes into play. You can keep cool if you have enough water to do so.

Access to Water

If I had no water, I’d be hauling water in from a nearby local spring that is 5 minutes from the house by car. I’ve done that via 5-gallon buckets and it sucks – I have a 250-gallon water tank that can sit on the back of a pickup truck, along with hoses, that can be filled at the local Spring that runs out of the side of the mountain with a natural faucet. That water tank then empties, via hoses, into the 1000-gallon cistern that normally would be filled by the well (no electricity, no well water). I have a gas generator that can run the well pump if needed. But, gas only lasts so long if you can’t get more. I keep gas stored and keep a full tank in my vehicle. What happens when there is no more gas to be had or it’s rationed? Well, by necessity, I’m getting a new well drilled and it will have a solar-powered pump. Water is life. I hope the well and pump project can be completed soon. Very soon. You can’t store enough water for a long emergency. You need a water source. I have a rainwater catchment system planned for this year as well. Water, water, water!

Access to Food

I have a friend who works very hard all year at canning food and getting it on the shelf. I haven’t canned anything this past year due to all the other projects that needed to get done in short order. But, I did stock up on canning supplies. I have enough store-bought canned goods and dried goods to make feeding the family work using alternative cooking methods, for a time. Again, it won’t be pretty because everything is going to take 10x longer without electricity. You can’t even cook up freeze-dried meals if you don’t have water and a way to boil it. My hat is off to my good friend who is very prepared. Life is easier when all you have to do is warm up good food.

I have made large strides this past year or two in growing food, but there is much more work to do. I’ve purchased a lot of heirloom seeds so I don’t need to worry about seeds for planting the gardens, and in case there are garden failures, again. Gardening season has started here in the South. I will be gardening my little heart out. Last year I invested in ground covering, watering systems, trellises, etc. I’m all set to go and just waiting on the weather.

A friend recommended a book, that I purchased, on butchering animals. I bought it in case I can’t avail myself of butchering services. It has clear instructions and pictures. There may come a time when I do need to know how to butcher a cow or a pig myself. I’ve purchased the tools to butcher. My friend butchered a hog on their own property by themselves! How’s that for preparedness? I’m impressed. Chicken butchering is easy compared to large animals. Having printed resources will be important in the coming days. There won’t be the Internet if there is no electricity. Without electricity, all that freezer meat will have to be processed immediately into canning jars.

And there’s got to be a way to pressure can without electricity. I’ve seen it done using a propane grill. The trick is to keep the pressure up on the canners for the full 90 minutes it takes to safely can meats and many other foods. I may need to invest in a few more propane tanks – have you seen the prices on those lately? I’ve seen $60 a piece for full tanks. That price will go up. And I may need to get a larger propane-powered grill that can handle a pressure canner or two. I should have been canning all year.

Practical Steps vs. Fear

Every time I think through the “what ifs”, I find holes in my preps, and I work at filling them. For instance, I don’t stack silver, but I’m probably going to now even if prices are up (before they go through the roof). I cannot afford to stack gold. I’m growing enough food that I have something to barter with. As an example, there’s a young man who comes here and mucks out the barn in exchange for fresh milk, eggs, and sometimes butter when I have it. Another one worked here in exchange for some laying hens to start his own flock. That’s the kind of thing that went on during The Great Depression.

The very idea of a catastrophic banking collapse causes people to freeze in fear. Don’t let it. Make your lists, prioritize, attack them one at a time. Each time you accomplish something, celebrate, briefly, and keep going. Do you wonder why I sound overwhelmed and exhausted most of the time? It’s because I’m playing “beat the clock”. And I can tell you that I am stronger, healthier, and happier due to my efforts, and the grace of God.

Each day, I look at the List, adjust things, and keep moving. Now, is not the time to curl up in a ball or pretend everything is going to be alright. Remember, the basics of preparedness still apply, even in these times. Focus on those. The chips will fall where they may. Once you accept that, you don’t waste your precious energy by getting stressed out of your mind.