May 30, 2024

Paris Hilton is sharing new details about her motherhood journey in a bonus chapter in the paperback version of “Paris: The Memoir.” The book won’t be released until June 4, but obtained a copy of the chapter.

In 2023, Hilton released her memoir, introduced the Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act to Congress, filmed her reality show “Paris in Love,” performed as a DJ, recorded new music and collaborated with multiple brands.

Somehow, in the middle of all of that, she and her husband Carter Reum welcomed not one — but two — children via surrogates. She introduced Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum to the world in January 2023, and London Marilyn Hilton Reum joined her brother in November 2023.

It may have seemed like a “mistake” that Hilton and Reum welcomed children who were born within the same calendar year, but Hilton revealed that it was intentional.

“The dream was to have a girl and a boy, born separately but at the same time, so they’d grow up as twins,” she wrote. Because risks increase when implanting multiple embryos, the couple elected to have separate surrogates to give their one girl embryo the best chance of survival.

Hilton called it “a real-life miracle” that both of her “angel surrogates” were pregnant within the same year. “All those months of injections and the crazy-making hormones — it was all worth it.”

Reum seemed certain that everything would work out, but Hilton was terrified. “I was afraid to breathe. It was like keeping your eye on two little baby birds in a nest — so fragile, so precious, and completely out of our hands,” she explained.

“I felt kinda pregnant,” she wrote, adding, “I felt so full of joy and possibilities and new life.” 

Tasked with the tough job of waiting, Hilton felt the need to take action. “I wanted to know what it felt like to be pregnant, so I bought a prosthetic stomach and wore it around the house for the day. I know that sounds crazy, but I wanted it to feel real — even in just this small way,” she wrote. “Feeling that weight on the front of me, running my hands over it, envisioning a whole life in front of us.”

By the end of that day, Hilton realized that it was “silly” to pretend when she was about to hold her babies in her arms.

“It didn’t matter that no one else could see that I was expecting,” she wrote. “My emotional baby bump was real, it was precious, and I was so completely happy to know it was exactly where it needed to be, growing warmer and bigger every day.”