July 19, 2024

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With just nine days until the first presidential debate on

President Joe Biden continues to lean on his predecessors to snag record fundraising hauls – this time relying on Bill and Hillary Clinton to score $8 million in leafy northern Virginia.

Biden, 81, and first lady Jill Biden motorcaded to a fundraiser Tuesday evening that was revealed to be at the home of former governor and Democratic National Committee chair Terry McAuliffe.

On hand were former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary Clinton, who served as secretary of state during the Obama-Biden administration and whose unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign came after Biden stepped aside and decided not to challenge her.

The backyard fundraiser had 450 attendees, making it the highest grossing backyard bash in the history of the Democratic Party, according to the Biden camp.

Trump tells Wisconsin rally crowd Obama treated Biden like a ‘child’ by guiding him off LA stage

Donald Trump for once stood up for the media after Joe Biden‘s campaign claimed multiple videos of the president freezing are ‘deceptively edited.’

The former president decried Biden, 81, for ‘humiliating’ the U.S. on the world stage after a series of awkward interactions and freezes during international trips and domestic events.

Despite spending a good chunk of his remarks railing against Biden’s flubs, Trump made his own fumble when he used the term ‘clean fakes’ instead of ‘deep fakes.’

Speaking at a rally in Racine, Wisconsin on Tuesday, Trump, 78, said former President Barack Obama had to lead Biden ‘off stage as though he were a child’ during a recent fundraiser.

Biden eviscerated over ‘mass amnesty’ plan by Republicans who say he’s ‘incentivizing’ illegal migrants to come to the U.S.

Republicans are ripping Biden’s plan to give half a million illegal immigrants citizenship as a ‘feckless’ election-year move that actually incentivizes illegal crossings.

On Tuesday afternoon, Biden rolled out a new policy that would allow roughly 500,000 undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens a pathway to citizenship if they’ve lived in the country for at least 10 years.

Biden suggested the election-year move was happening this summer to prevent some of the deportations that Trump has pledged should he be victorious in the fall.

But top GOP lawmakers are exclusively told DailyMail.com that the plan will act as a magnet to draw more people to cross into the U.S. illegally.

‘Every time Biden does something like this, he invites more and more people to come here illegally,’ Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., exclusively told DailyMail.com.

Kamala Harris releases a special video of her meeting with the cast and crew of Queer Eye

The vice president’s office released a special edited video from Kamala Harris’ visit with the cast and crew of the show Queer Eye as part of a celebration of Pride Month and the show’s 20th anniversary.

Last week, Harris welcomed co-founders and producers of the show David Collins and Michael Williams to her ceremonial office at the White House Executive Office Building as well as cast members Carson Kressley, Jai Rodriguez, Karamo Brown, and Jonathan Van Ness.

‘It’s such an incredible groundbreaking thing that history now 20 years later, now everybody understands what you guys did,’ Harris said during her visit.

Senate Republicans block effort by Democrats to bring back Trump-era bump stock ban after hot-button Supreme Court decision

Senate Republicans blocked quick passage of a bill that would have reinstated the Trump-era ban on bump stocks.

The Supreme Court overturned the ban last week, giving Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer an opportunity to force Republicans to object to legislation that would have outlawed the gun attachment that was used in the deadliest mass shooting in history.

Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., asked for unanimous consent of the Senate to pass the bill, but Sen. Pete Ricketts, R-Neb., objected, killing the effort.

Bump stocks allow gun owners to turn a semi-automatic weapon into a firearm capable of firing hundreds of rounds per minute.

Trump: ‘I love Milwaukee. I’m the one who picked Milwaukee, you know!’

Donald Trump defended Milwaukee and insisted he chose it as the site of this year’s Republican convention following reports he called it a ‘horrible city’ behind closed doors on Capitol Hill last week.

The former president accused the Democrats of ‘lying’ about his comments.

I love Milwaukee, I was the one that picked Milwaukee. You gotta fix the crime, we all know that, you gotta make sure the election’s honest, but I’m the one who picked Milwaukee.

Trump swats down report he was planning to stay at his Chicago hotel during the Milwaukee Republican National Convention

Former President Donald Trump said he was ‘always planning’ to stay in Milwaukee during the Republican convention he is hosting there, swatting down reports he wanted to bunk down in his luxury Chicago hotel.

He knocked down a report by ABC7 Chicago which, citing law enforcement sources, said he planned to stay in the Windy City in July. That came after Trump’s camp pushed back on reports he called Milwaukee a ‘horrible’ city in a private talk to House Republicans.

‘They have probably – they think because I have a hotel there I have a beautiful hotel there, a beauty. As good as it gets. But I’m staying here. I was always planning on staying here,’ Trump said before his campaign rally in Racine, TMJ4 reported.

‘It’s an hour and a half, maybe sometimes two hours. And again, I chose Milwaukee for a reason,’ said Trump, stressing the commute between the industrial cities.

Then he took a dig at Joe Biden for cancelling his 2020 Milwaukee convention while the pandemic raged. ‘Just so you understand, when the Democrats were here, they didn’t even hold it. And Biden never came. I think he stood out in a parking lot for about a minute and he left,’ said Trump, as his interviewer mentioned the pandemic.

‘During the pandemic, yeah,’ he allowed. Trump moved his own 2020 pandemic convention from Charlotte to Jacksonville, eventually opting to hold it at the White House.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun apologizes to families of crash victims as he is torched by Congress and reveals why the door blew off the Alaska Airlines flight

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun apologized to crash victim’s families at a Senate hearing Tuesday before lawmakers roasted the executive for his role in the airline’s turbulent descent.

‘I’m deeply sorry…my whole team at Boeing, everybody worldwide past and present,’ Calhoun told the audience in the crowded Senate room.

Onlookers held up portraits of victims who had died on Boeing planes, and there were too many faces to count.

Boeing has made headlines in recent years for broken landing gears, doors popping off mid-flight and multiple sudden system failures leading to catastrophic crashes in Indonesia in 2018 and Ethiopia in 2019 that resulted in scores of deaths.

The company’s repeated failure to fix the plentiful problems has led to skepticism on Capitol Hill and lawmakers torched Calhoun for his role in the airline’s downfall Tuesday.

Mitch McConnell says he will be at the Republican convention in Milwaukee

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will be at the RNC in a show of support for Trump.

‘I don’t know what role I‘m going to play, but I am going to be chairman of the KY delegation as I have been for a number of years and I’ll be there,’ he told reporters on Tuesday.

It comes a few days after Trump and McConnell broke their four-year awkward silence and spoke during a meeting Thursday.

The bad blood between the two – which began after Trump first began denying the 2020 election results and amplified after the January 6 riot – could be water under the bridge now.

At a meeting with GOP Senators near Capitol Hill meant to coalesce the party around their presumptive presidential nominee, McConnell sat at Trump’s right side as he addressed the conference.

Breaking: Hunter Biden’s law license suspended in D.C. following his criminal conviction

Hunter Biden’s license to practice law was stripped away by the D.C. Court of Appeals on Tuesday.

It comes about a week after he was convicted on three federal gun charges for lying about being addicted to drugs on a gun application in Delaware.

A jury unanimously convicted Joe Biden’s son of two counts of lying on a federal government form to buy a gun, and one count of possessing the firearm while abusing drugs.

Jurors deliberated for less than three hours after a trial that had lasted over a week.

Hunter was able to practice law in D.C. since 2007. He graduated from Yale Law School in 1996.

He spent much of his time conducting business deals with his partners.

Republican fury at Biden’s migrant amnesty announcement: ‘He’s rolling out the red carpet’

The Trump campaign came out swinging against Biden’s ‘mass amnesty order’ Tuesday.

‘Biden only cares about one thing — power — and that’s why he is giving mass amnesty and citizenship to hundreds of thousands of illegals who he knows will ultimately vote for him and the Open Border Democrat Party,’ said Trump spokesperson Leavitt.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Whatley said the order will give thousands amnesty.

‘Innocent Americans like Rachel Morin and Laken Riley deserved a president that put their safety first. President Trump will close the border on day one and stop Biden’s Border Bloodbath.’

Vivek Ramaswamy compared Donald Trump to George Washington

Vivek Ramaswamy compared Doanld Trump to first U.S. President George Washington and claimed 2024 is a ‘1776 moment.’

The former 2024 contender made a surprise appearance at former President Trump’s rally in Racine, Wisconsin on Tuesday where he made the comments.

‘Dig deep and ask yourself why it is that our founding fathers made the sacrifices they did 250 years ago. 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. We don’t often ask what became of them,’ Ramaswamy said to a cheering crowd.

‘I’m going to tell you what happened to them; 12 of them had their homes ransacked by the British and burned down to the ground, five of them were captured by the British and tortured to their deaths, nine of them died in the Revolutionary war, three more of them had their own kids die in the Revolutionary War, many of them died bankrupt because they had their own private property seized before their deaths.’

The biotech entrepreneur-turned-politician went on: ‘They made those sacrifices in 1776 and I believe today it’s a 1776 moment in 2024 and Donald Trump is the George Washington of our moment.’

At the top of his remarks, Ramaswamy said he wouldn’t focus on slamming President Biden’s record.

‘I’m not going to sit here railing against Joe Biden because chances are, let’s be honest, he might not be the nominee that we’re running against,’ he claimed.

Vivek Ramaswamy speaks to the crowd during a campaign event held by former U.S. President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, in Racine, Wisconsin, U.S. June 18, 2024. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Hunter Biden told people CCP leader wanted to meet him to discuss ‘business’ during 2013 official trip with then-VP dad

In late 2013 Hunter Biden told his business partners that a top CCP official had allegedly asked him to come to China to discuss ‘business opportunities,’ according to an email obtained by Fox News.

In December of that year, Hunter traveled with his father aboard Air Force Two on a trip to Asia with stops in China, South Korea and Japan.

While on the trip, Hunter introduced his vice president father Joe to Chinese business associate Jonathan Li and wrote a letter of recommendation for Li’s daughter.

New poll shows Biden on track for historic loss in Iowa – the state that dashed his 2008 primary hopes

Joe Biden is on course to suffer the most catastrophic loss by a Democrat in the state of Iowa in 100 years, a devastating new poll reveals.

Former President Donald Trump holds a 50 to 32 percent lead over Biden in the state, according to an authoritative new survey by the Des Moines Register/Mediacom.

If Biden receives the same meager 32 percent of the vote in the November election, it would be the worst Democratic showing in Iowa since the 1924 general election – exactly one century ago.

Karine Jean-Pierre pauses press briefing after journalist passes out in the room

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre paused the press breifing on Tuesday afternoon after a journalist in the back of the room passed out.

‘We have an emergency,’ someone said, interupting Jean-Pierre after the once-standing journalist sank to the floor.

‘Oh, hold on. Did somebody pass out?’ Jean-Pierre replied.

She left the podium and walked to the back of the room to check on the journalist.

The White House video feed of the briefing was cut during the incident, but C-SPAN cameras continued rolling.

The journalist could not be seen on camera, but other reporters commented on how warm it was in the room.

‘You are correct, it is hot in here,’ Jean-Pierre agreed.

‘Does anybody need water?’ she asked.

‘Scotch perhaps,’ one journalist replied.

‘That’s a whole other place, not here,’ Jean-Pierre shot back.

One of our Daily Mail White House correspondent reports that the woman who fainted was an intern for CBS.

GRAB @saras76Someone just passed out at the press briefing

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., ripped into Dr. Robert Garry during a Senate hearing on COVID origins about his March 2020 paper that threw cold water on the lab leak theory.

In the paper, Garry wrote that Covid likely came from bats, but he emailed colleagues one month prior saying he actually doubted that the virus could have jumped from bats to humans.

Hawley claimed Garry must have had a ‘revelation from God’ to change his view on Covid origins so quickly.

$18 billion sale of F-15s to Israel approved by two key Democrats

Two key Democrats in Congress have reportedly agreed to support a major arms sale to Israel that includes 50 F-15 fighter jets worth more than $18 billion.

Congressman Gregory Meeks and Senator Ben Cardin signed off on the deal under heavy pressure from the Biden administration after the two lawmakers had for months held up the sale, the Washington Post reported.

Meeks said he had been in close contact with the White House and had urged them to pressure Israel over humanitarian efforts and civilian casualties.

He said the F-15s would not be delivered until ‘years from now.’

Biden has come under increasing pressure from members of his own party over his support for Israel.

R4KTKG A United States Air Force F-15 Strike Eagle fighter jet over the English Channel during Operation Point Blank, which featured aerial capabilities from the RAF, United States Air Force and French Air Force.

U.S. warns China over Philippines

The United States renewed a warning Tuesday that it is obligated to defend the Philippines, a treaty ally.

It came after China and the Philippines blamed each other for a collision on Monday near a disputed atoll in the South China Sea.

A Philippines navy sailor suffered ‘serious injury’ and the the country’s military accused the Chinese coast guard of ‘intentional high-speed ramming.’

The Philippine military said in a statement that the Chinese coast guard’s ‘continued aggressive behavior and unprofessional conduct towards a legitimate humanitarian mission is unacceptable.’

There is fear that territorial disputes in the South China Sea, long regarded as an Asian flashpoint, could escalate and pit the United States and China in a larger conflict.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., posted a clip of herself doing pull-ups along with her workout: a three-mile run, squats, pull-ups, sit-ups and bar dips.

Then she reminded voters to vote for John McGuire, running against Rep. Bob Good in Virginia, and Brian Jack in Georgia’s third district.

‘I need more heavy lifters in Congress, NOT Trump back stabbers and RINOs!!’ she said.

Good is facing a contentious primary after voting to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy and losing Trump’s support when he initially endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Bob Good primary has divided MAGA movement – today he faces off against John MCGuire

Conservative hardliner Bob Good is facing off against Trump-backed John McGuire in a contentious primary on Tuesday where the rift within the MAGA movement will be on full display.

The right-wing Freedom Caucus chair lost the support of the president when he initially endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over him. He also turned off a number of House colleagues when he voted to oust Kevin McCarthy from the speakership.

This week, a fellow Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Warren Davidson, R-Ohio, even endorsed Good’s opponent. The caucus typically likes to put on a united front.

The race has attracted more spending by outside groups – $10.7 million – than any other Virginia races. By comparison, the candidates themselves only spent $1.7 million.

Matt Gaetz on the hook for NEW allegations of sexual misconduct, illicit drug use – as he tries to pin blame for ‘frivolous’ investigation on his foe Kevin McCarthy

The House Ethics Committee in a rare public statement announced they would conduct ‘further review’ into Rep. Matt Gaetz on charges that include sex abuse and illicit drug use.

Gaetz on Monday had said the committee was opening ‘new frivolous investigations’ into him which he blamed on former Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The allegations the committee said it is conducting further review on include whether Gaetz ‘engaged in sexual misconduct and illicit drug use, accepted improper gifts, dispensed special privileges and favors to individuals with whom he had a personal relationship, and sought to obstruct government investigations of his conduct.’

The obstruction probe is a new investigation – others have been ongoing.

Breaking: Republicans accuse Hunter Biden of ‘playing the dad card’ during SEC investigation

*** BESTPIX *** TOPSHOT - US President Joe Biden talks with his son Hunter Biden upon arrival at Delaware Air National Guard Base in New Castle, Delaware, on June 11, 2024, as he travels to Wilmington, Delaware. A jury found Hunter Biden guilty on June 11 on federal gun charges in a historic first criminal prosecution of the child of a sitting US president. The 54-year-old son of President Joe Biden was convicted on all three of the federal charges facing him, CNN and other US media reported. (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP) (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Top Republicans on the Oversight and Judiciary Committees are demanding to know whether the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) kept a probe into Hunter Biden’s involvement in a tribal bond scheme under wraps due to his father’s high profile – and declined to charge him because of it.

In May 2016 the SEC put out a press release with the names of seven individuals involved in the probe, with no mention or charging of Hunter Biden.

Hunter’s counsel had one month earlier written to the SEC:

As a threshold matter, we request that you treat this matter with the highest degree of confidentiality, consistent with Commission policy and applicable law.

The confidential nature of this investigation is very important to our client and it would be unfair, not just to our client, but also to his father, the Vice President of the United States, if his involvement in an SEC investigation and parallel criminal probe were to become the subject of any media attention.

Capitol Police investigating ‘suspicious substance’ found on Senate side – personnel instructed to keep away

U.S. Capitol Police is investigating a ‘suspicious substance’ found at the Hart Senate Office Building at the Capitol, near the office of Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan. They’ve asked staff and others to avoid the area and check back for updates.

Breaking:Blow to Trump as New York appeals court rejects his appeal against the hush money gag order

New York’s top court has declined to hear Donald Trump’s gag order appeal in the hush money case.

The announcement comes two weeks after the former president was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records in the historic trial.

The decision from the appeals court is a blow to Trump, who frequently slammed the gag order during his speeches in the courtroom hallway.

He railed against being silenced and barred from criticizing anyone, including the prosecutors and star witness Michael Cohen.

The gag order prevented him from commenting on witnesses, jurors and others involved in the hush money case.

Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump speaks at the "People's Convention" of Turning Point Action Saturday, June 15, 2024 in Detroit. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Top Democrat Elizabeth Warren will boycott Israel PM Netanyahu’s Capitol Hill speech

FILE - U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., questions Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen during a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, March 16, 2023, in Washington. Warren warned Wednesday, May 29, 2024, about additional attempts to curb access to abortion â¿" efforts that she said could ultimately target states like Massachusetts that have worked to protect abortion rights. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

Democrats are staging a public display of resistance against Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he is set to address Congress on July 24.

‘Prime Minister Netanyahu has created a humanitarian catastrophe,’ Warren told CNN.

‘He has also made clear that he does not support U.S. policy for a two-state solution that will let the people of Israel and the Palestinians develop their own nation self-determination live with dignity,’ the Democrat added.

When asked about whether Biden should also boycott the speech she replied: ‘That’s up to the president, but I’m not going.’

Exclusive:Video of Commander Biden attacking a Secret Service agent has been destroyed

The Secret Service destroyed a video that captured Joe Biden’s dog Commander chomping down on one of its agents – in an attack that forced the White House to shut down tours so blood could be wiped off the floor.

DailyMail.com filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Secret Service in March after a video was mentioned as part of an email that detailed a June 15, 2023 biting incident with the since-banished first dog.

The video purportedly showed Commander running at a high rate of speed and jumping toward the agent in the East Wing’s Kennedy Garden, leaving a ‘deep bite’ on the individual’s left arm ‘that reportedly needed stitches,’ the email said.

‘East Wing Tours were stopped for approximately 20 minutes due to blood from the incident being on the floors in the area of the Booksellers,’ the message continued, referencing the room that is just inside from the garden.

The Secret Service’s Freedom of Information Act Officer Kevin Tyrrell wrote to DailyMail.com in a letter Friday that ‘Due to Secret Service retention standards, the above mentioned file(s) has been destroyed.’

Doctor warns the same Wuhan lab that made Covid-19 is cooking up a new virus that will kill 75% of all humans

Dr. Steven C. Quay, CEO of Atossa Genetics, warned a Senate panel Tuesday that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is working on a virus far deadlier than COVID-19.

He said they are working on a virus that kills three out of four people.

Quay added that the virus if it infected humans in a COVID-style pandemic, would set the world back 250 years.

His concerning remarks came during a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs hearing on COVID’s origins.

Sen. Rand Paul, the top Republican on the committee, opened the session by alleging top U.S. federal health agencies have delayed and deceived the committee on COVID’s origins.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Bonnie Cash/UPI/Shutterstock (14440465g) Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, questions Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas during a hearing on the fiscal year 2025 budget request for the Department of Homeland Security at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC on Thursday, April 18, 2024. DHS Secretary Mayorkas testifies on FY2025 Budget Request in Senate Hearing, Washington, District of Columbia, United States - 18 Apr 2024

Gavin Newsom announces plan to ban phone use in schools

The Democrat California governor announced he wants to stop use of smartphones in class in America’s most populous state.

Newsom told Politico:

As the surgeon general affirmed, social media is harming the mental health of our youth. Building on legislation I signed in 2019, I look forward to working with the Legislature to restrict the use of smartphones during the school day. When children and teens are in school, they should be focused on their studies – not their screens.

It comes after Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy called on Congress to make social media apps carry warnings like those attached to cigarettes and alcohol.

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA - MAY 29: California Gov. Gavin Newsom delivers remarks during the U.S. - China High-Level Event on Subnational Climate Action in Berkeley, California, United States on May 29, 2024. (Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu via Getty Images)

Secret Service agent robbed at gunpoint during Biden’s ritzy California fundraising swing

A member of the U.S. Secret Service was robbed at gunpoint Saturday night in California during President Joe Biden‘s high-profile fundraising swing.

Officers from the Tustin Police Department responded to a call and found that the victim was a member of the Secret Service who had fired off his own gun during the robbery.

It is unclear if the perpetrator was injured and by Monday afternoon the Tustin, California Police Department said it was still investigating the incident.

The incident was first reported by Scripps News and later confirmed by DailyMail.com.

REVEALED: Which members of Congress have given themselves the biggest bonuses

Some 300 members of Congress took part in a new congressional reimbursement program that doesn’t require receipts for food and housing costs last year. Dozens topped off their $174,000-a-year salary with an extra $30,000 or more.

The change in House rules was designed to aid members who have long had to maintain housing in both their home districts and the high-priced D.C. housing market out of their own pocket.

Members have since 2009 opted not to give themselves a pay boost due to the political implications.

But the bipartisan House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress in 2022 suggested the expense program as a work-around – but its lack of receipt requirement could lead to abuse.

Melania Trump to host second fundraiser with Republican group

Melania Trump will make a rare political appearance by headlining a second fundraiser for Log Cabin Republicans.

The former first lady will host the event for the largest GOP group representing LGBTQ conservatives at Trump Tower in New York on July 8, POLITICO reported.

It is the second time this year she is spearheading an event with the group.

In April, she held a fundraising extravaganza for them at Mar-a-Lago.

Melania has mainly stayed behind the scenes during her husband’s campaign.

China now has 500 nuclear weapons and is believed to have carried out its first peacetime deployment of warheads

Biden to give hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants who are married to US citizens protection from deportation

President Joe Biden is planning to announce a sweeping new policy Tuesday that would lift the threat of deportation for hundreds of thousands of people married to U.S. citizens, an aggressive election-year action on immigration that had been sought by many Democrats.

The policy will allow roughly 490,000 spouses of U.S. citizens an opportunity to apply for a ‘parole in place’ program, which would shield them from deportations and offer them work permits if they have lived in the country for at least 10 years, according to two of the people briefed.

They all spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the announcement publicly.

The White House on Monday declined to comment on the announcement.

Biden, 81, gets surprise boost ahead of first debate with Trump

President Joe Biden and his rival Donald Trump are approaching the first presidential debate in Atlanta on even footing, with the pair tied in a new national poll just days before the encounter.

After months of sagging support, Biden and the former president are tied at 49 percent in a new NPR/PBS News/Marist in advance of the debate, to be carried on CNN in prime time next week.

Just 2 percent of registered voters say they are undecided.

Trump holds a slight edge, 50 to 49 percent, among those who say they definitely plan to vote in November, according to the poll.

But he has improved his standing among Independent voters, who are the group indicating they are most susceptible to being influenced by the jury’s guilty verdict.

Welcome to DailyMail.com’s live US politics blog

Welcome to DailyMail.com’s U.S. politics blog with the biggest stories of the day from the campaign trail and in the corridors of power.

With just nine days until the first presidential debate on CNN, President Joe Biden has received a surprise boost in the polls after months of sagging support.

Biden is also set to announce a new immigration policy that will protect thousands from deportation, sparking fury from the right and celebration from the left.

In Virginia, a MAGA civil war will reach its conclusion with the state’s Republican primary tonight.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Shutterstock (14544402t) United States President Joe Biden hosts a bilateral meeting with Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg of NATO at the White House in Washington, DC,. President Joe Biden hosts a bilateral meeting with Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg of NATO, Washington, DC, USA - 17 Jun 2024


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