May 30, 2024

Former president Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower on his way to Manhattan criminal court, Thursday, April 18, 2024, in New York.

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times reported on Friday that former President Donald Trump once again fell asleep in court at his hush money trial.

This marks the third time Trump fell asleep in the courtroom, according to reporters who were present. Haberman’s observation was posted to the Times live feed of the proceedings. Jury selection was still underway on Friday after twelve jurors were seated; six alternates still have to be chosen. Opening statements are expected to take place on Monday.

Trump’s tendency to doze off in full view of the court has been the subject of mockery throughout the week. Haberman reported the first public nap on the first day of the trial, saying that he “appear[ed] to be sleeping.” Several other reporters corroborated her story.

And then on Tuesday, it happened again.

Law360’s Frank G. Runyeon wrote: “Trump’s head slowly dropped, his eyes closed. It jerked back upward. He adjusts himself. Then, his head droops again. He straightens up, leaning back. His head [droops] for a third time, he shakes his shoulders. Eyes closed still. His head drops. Finally, he pops his eyes open.”

There was no reporting on Trump falling asleep during Thursday’s proceedings, and court was not in session on Wednesday.

One of the most well-known attacks on President Joe Biden by Trump and his supporters is the nickname “Sleepy Joe.” Some have suggested it might be time to retire that one.

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