February 25, 2024

Introductory note from JWR: I just received this update letter:

“I wanted to write to the readers of SurvivalBlog about the search for a family to live on our family farm. The opportunity is still open.

Many areas in the United States are deteriorating, but our conservative area remains safe and prosperous. We are willing to consider letters from readers anywhere in the country as we are not concerned about the distance, but we are about finding a quality family to eventually join our family in living on our farm.

There is still time in the preparedness window in which to purchase supplies for your family if you are invited to our farm. We are not concerned with the amount of supplies you currently own and we are even willing to purchase supplies for your family, with our family’s resources if we are able to add a family to our farm through marriage.

We are concentrating our efforts on finding a quality family. We are praying and trusting in God’s providence that He has a family who is reading this and will respond to our letter.”

If you have been praying about finding a safe place to live, then please read the original post. If you meet those qualifications, send a message to jamesATrawles.to (Change the “AT” to an @ sign)