March 2, 2024

As Donald Trump waved at supporters today, he flashed bizarre red splotches on his right hand – sparking a slew of hilarious conspiracy theories online. captured him leaving Trump Tower early on Wednesday morning with the mysterious red cuts on his hand – hours after braving a snowstorm to speak to supporters alongside former 2024 GOP hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy.

Trump was on his way to court, where his accuser E. Jean Carroll testified in her second federal civil trial against him. She told the jury that Trump ‘shattered her reputation’ by ‘lying’ about sexually assaulting her and calling her a ‘wack job’

But people on the internet were more occupied with guessing what caused the red marks on Trump’s fingers and hands – coming up with all types of theories. 

Former President Donald Trump leaves his apartment building in New York, Wednesday, January 17. He is in the midst of a civil lawsuit with a former journalist

Referencing the orange hue of his face, one person guessed that the bizarre marks on his hands must be ‘the fake suntan rubbing off.’

Another person joked: ‘Too many jelly doughnuts.’

Others said that the red residue on his hands may be from the red ink on top secret documents – while people online joked that he burned his hands while trying to curl his hair before court on Wednesday morning.

Some people online thought that the physical ailment may be a sign of Trump’s anxiety or an actual medical condition – considering his packed calendar. 

One person wrote about Trump’s red splotchs: ‘Anxiety can manifest itself in skin picking,’ while another posed the question: ‘Arthritis?’ 

Many guessed that the former president had just finished a meal with ketchup or tomato sauce – so his fingers were simply covered in the food residue. 

Others thought that maybe the red marks were in fact blisters – caused by him using new golf clubs, or involving himself in other friction-heavy activities. 

Trump was in Iowa on Monday for the caucaus – where he came out as the Republican winner. But temperatures in the Midwest were freezing, leading some people to believe that frostbite may be the reason for his redness.

One person wrote: ‘Didn’t someone say he got some frostbite over the weekend in Iowa? If so, that looks like healing lesions from it. 

‘I think they open up the blisters so they can dry out and heal faster.’ 

Another person joked: ‘Blisters from working hard for the American people.’ 

And after seeing his fingers this morning, others jested that maybe he was doing housework and got destracted: ‘Did somebody phone him while he was ironing?’

But people on X were quick to point out that Trump wouldn’t be doing any manual labor himself – and with no pets, it wouldn’t be a bite from a puppy or a kitten.

Trump, therefore, may have got the red hand marks from ‘compulsive handwashing during the winter,’ one savvy person online theorized.  

Others joked that he got blisters ‘from holding the bronzer applicator too hard’ – another reference to his orange hued face.  

In court today, Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba was also told to ‘sit down’ by Judge Lewis Kaplan after he rejected her bid to delay the trial so the former president could attend his mother-in-law’s funeral. 

Because the first jury found that Trump sexually abused Carroll in the 1990s and then defamed her in 2022, the new trial concerns other remarks Trump made while he was president.

Trump, who is juggling court appearances with campaign stops as he leads the Republican field in this year’s presidential race, sat in on jury selection Tuesday. 

Subsequently, Trump’s lawyer contended that Carroll has never been more famous and that she is blaming him for ‘a few mean tweets from Twitter trolls.’  

Meanwhile, Trump declared on social media Tuesday that the case was nothing but ‘fabricated lies and political shenanigans’ that had garnered his accuser money and fame.

‘I am the only one injured by this attempted EXTORTION,’ read a post on his Truth Social platform.

But Carroll, an advice columnist and magazine writer, has said that Trump harmed her deeply. First, she claims, he forced himself on her in a dressing room after a chance meeting at a luxury department store in 1996. 

Then he publicly impugned her honesty, her motives and even her sanity after she told the story publicly in a 2019 memoir.

‘He called me a liar repeatedly, and it really has decimated my reputation. I am a journalist. The one thing I have to have is the trust of the readers,’ she testified in April at the first trial. ‘I am no longer believed.’

Carroll has maintained she lost millions of readers and her longtime gig at Elle Magazine, where her ‘Ask E. Jean’ advice column ran for over a quarter-century, because of her allegations and Trump’s reaction to them.