March 1, 2024

Vice President Kamala Harris told The View’s Joy Behar that she’s “scared as heck” and “we should all be scared” about the prospect of Donald Trump getting reelected by “the crazies.”

The Vice President finds herself and her running mate, President Joe Biden, very close to — and even behind — the former president in many reputable pools, which led Behar to ask about whispers about serious concern about the state of the Biden-Harris campaign among many Democratic heavy hitters.

“President Obama reportedly has said that he thinks the Biden campaign is too complacent when it comes to Trump,” she started. “Representative Jim Clyburn has said the campaign isn’t breaking through the MAGA wall. Michelle Obama says she’s terrified, as we are, about the potential outcome of the election.”

“Now, are you scared?” Behar asked. “What could happen if Trump ever became, God forbid, president again? And what are you going to do to stop the crazies?”

“I am scared as heck!” Vice President Harris flatly replied to an adoring audience. “Which is why I’m traveling our country.”

“You know, there’s an old saying that there are only two ways to run for office: Either without an opponent or scared,” she continued. “So on all of those points, yes, we should ALL be scared.”

She then returned to her message to women and children, saying:

But as we know, and certainly this is a table of very powerful women. We don’t run away from something when we’re scared. We fight back against it. Right. Yeah. So many of us know when we are scared for the future of our children, do we then stay in bed with the covers over our head? Nope. No we can’t. We cannot. We cannot. And this is where this election requires brightly that President Biden and I and and all of us who are part of this administration, we got to earn reelection. There is no question. We got to be on the road. Listen, since the in the last two weeks I’ve been to Georgia, I’ve been to Nevada, I’ve been to North Carolina, I’ve been to South Carolina twice. In the first two weeks of this year, I will be out on the road. We have to earn the reelect and we have to communicate what we have achieved, and that is going to be one of our big challenges. We’ve done a lot of good work. We need to let people know who bring it to them.

Watch above via ABC.

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