March 2, 2024

Dick Morris, author and commentator, did a live shot on Newsmax on Monday with host Rob Schmitt and talked about something, but no one knows what he said because a man in his underwear just casually strolled through his live shot and no one ever said a word about it.

As a courtesy, Mediaite watched the video a few times to make sure we all saw what we saw exactly 13 seconds in, but also to report on what Morris said while everyone was trying to digest what happened.

It’s a segment from Newsmax’s Iowa caucus coverage, and Morris offered up his analysis of what an Iowa caucus victory would mean for former President Donald Trump and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley:

Well, I think Trump is going to score a huge victory. I think the media is going to try to downplay it because, as you correctly said —

[Enter: Underwear-clad man]

— they’re basically supporting Nikki Haley.

[Exit: Underwear-clad man]

So they’re going to downplay it and they’re going to try to say, “Oh, he didn’t get a majority,” or “He got 48%.” But one way or another, this is a huge victory for Donald Trump.

And I believe this is going to be a very short presidential race. I think this may be a knockout punch. I think that whoever, I think that after this primary, New Hampshire is going to be heavily for Trump. Nevada always was. South Carolina will be, which I think will be fatal blow to Nikki Haley because she’s from there. And then you have March 5th, when 45% of America votes. And I think this will be over faster than a Mike Tyson fight.

You know what was faster than a Mike Tyson fight? The four seconds spent onscreen by a man in his underwear while Dick Morris was talking about upcoming primary races.

You know what was longer than a Mike Tyson fight? The amount of time not spent talking about the man in his underwear who apparently had no idea Dick Morris was doing a TV hit in the room he was about to walk through.

Which begs the question: If a man walks through another man’s live shot in his underwear and no one mentions it, did it really happen?

Watch the video above via Newsmax.

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