February 25, 2024

Donald Trump’s campaign is buying ads attacking Nikki Haley on MSNBC and other television networks that reach liberals in New Hampshire, in an effort to keep the state’s large bloc of “undeclared” independent voters from turning out for the former South Carolina governor.

“Haley’s plan cuts Social Security benefits for 82% of Americans,” the advertisement’s narrator says over images of diverse, concerned-looking people. “Trump will never let that happen.”

Trump advisor Chris LaCivita told Semafor Saturday the issue works in Trump’s favor with a wide range of voters. “The vast majority of Americans want their Social Security and Medicare benefits preserved: Not just Republicans, not just Democrats, but independents,” he said.

Haley has proposed raising the retirement age for younger workers, but says those nearing the current retirement age shouldn’t be affected by her proposed changes, something the ad does not note.

“We go to people like my kids in their twenties when they’re coming into the system, and we say the rules have changed,” she said last year.

Haley’s campaign, when asked for comment about team Trump’s strategy, dismissed the ad. Haley’s spokeswoman Olivia Perez-Cubas said it proves Trump “is terrified of Nikki Haley’s rise.”

“This is a two-person race between Nikki’s conservative vision for a strong and proud America and Trump’s continued obsession with the chaos and drama of the past,” Perez-Cubas said.