February 21, 2024

In this show, I’ll have Lisa on to talk about a movie we just watched called Leave the World Behind. While it wasn’t a great movie, it did bring up some valid points about the possibility of a coordinated attack on the U.S.

Is it possible that it wouldn’t be one single enemy force? Is it possible that sleeper cells are already here? 

While it may seem unlikely, In these uncertain times, it’s crucial to be prepared for the unthinkable – an enemy invasion. Are you ready to defend your home, your community, and your supplies if the S truly hits the fan?

Having the basics of preparedness covered may not be enough to withstand a prolonged event like this. We need to ensure we have an ample supply of the survival basics, mental fortitude, and education to navigate a crisis of this magnitude. 

This is not just about survival; it’s about being proactive and prepared. Act now, stay informed, and prioritize these prepping essentials before it’s too late. Your safety and independence depend on it. Watch the full video now for all the crucial details!