December 11, 2023

Pro-Hamas University of California Los Angeles students concealed their faces Wednesday to batter a blue piñata bearing an image of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Several students wearing keffiyeh scarves on their heads and over their faces took turns pummeling it with a wooden stick.

“Beat that f**kin’ Jew!” a woman yelled into a bullhorn as the crowd chanted, “Free, free Palestine.”

At one point, a man grabbed the pinata and began punching it, ripping it off the rope and destroying it.

“They will start with punching pinatas and end with punching Jews,” X user @AYM_Higher_ observed.

Fox 11 showed a huge crowd of students on campus protesting Israel:

Students for Justice in Palestine at UCLA were demanding the U.S. “end funding to Israel”.

They also demanded the University of California “protect Palestinian, SWANA, Muslim, and pro-Palestinian students and workers.”