December 11, 2023

I have Nikos from Nikos Bushcraft & Survival on today’s show tonight to discuss his observations while living in Ukraine. We talk about how the events unfold in a true crisis and what the people do to survive. 

I’m always interested in getting real-world perspectives from people who have witnessed actual SHTF situations. I mentioned an interview with Selco a few years back in the show.

Selco lived through the Balkin wars, where his city was under siege for months. You can listen to that episode here.

We discuss the real-world SHTF situations the Ukrainian people face, the necessary prepping gear, and why bushcraft and wilderness skills are important in preparedness. 

We also discussed the possibility of Lockdowns 2.0 and how we are expendable assets to the ruling class. While it’s unknown if they will try the same stunts, there is no doubt they are setting the stage. 

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