July 24, 2024

This weekly Snippets column is a collection of short items: responses to posted articles, practical self-sufficiency items, how-tos, lessons learned, tips and tricks, and news items — both from readers and from SurvivalBlog’s editors. Note that we may select some long e-mails for posting as separate letters.

Rising death toll makes Maui wildfires deadliest in modern US history.

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Reader C.J. wrote to warn about GatewayAmmo.com.  According to C.J., in his case, this company has posted false contact information on their website, used trickery on payment methods, failed to deliver products or to issue a refund, and then tried “refundable insurance” trickery to scam even more money. This “company” has used several addresses in Kansas and California. Their terms of service mention El Paso County, Colorado — also apparently bogus. The Better Business Bureau has plenty of complaints about GatewayAmmo Ditto for a Reddit discussion of GatewayAmmo.  A word of warning, in general:  Never do business with any firearms-related company that initially looks like they have a credit card merchant account but then informs you that you need to make payment via the PayPal “family & friends” option, or Zelle, or Venmo.

And I’ve read similar complaints about MEGAAMMOSUPPLY.com.

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Reader A.K. sent this: Examples of Lithium Battery Fires.

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Well, a gazillion deaths late, but: Doctors Can Prescribe Ivermectin for COVID-19: FDA Lawyer.

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Federal Court: Knives are ‘Arms’ and Protected by the Second Amendment.

Sara in Texas wrote us:

“I’ve been a reader of Survival Blog for several years. I saw the link provided by C.B. about the recent deaths from Murine Typhus in California. I wanted to inform y’all that I contracted Murine Typhus about a month ago and got very ill. I ended up spending 3 days in the hospital. A ten-day course of Doxycycline saved me. I am a healthy middle-aged woman and I have never gotten that sick that quickly. We had an opossum eating leftover cat food from our front porch at night and as it turns out many opossums carry Murine Typhus. Others should be cautious of opossums coming into contact with their pets. I wanted to share the info. If anyone comes down with unexplained fever, eye pain/sensitivity to light, and a headache during the summer months it would be wise to start a 7-10 day course of doxycycline. Thanks for all that y’all do and the wonderful information provided.”

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A TimCast conversation that is worth a few minutes of your time, to watch: Rich Elites Are Fleeing Cities, They Know The Collapse Is Coming.

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Guess where California plans to get energy to ‘stabilize’ its power grid?

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Tim in Connecticut wrote in response to a recent article by SaraSue:

“We are also promoters of purchasing locally.

We buy all our beef, chickens, turkeys and eggs from neighbors as well as orchard products and maple syrup. We grow our own produce.

During the recent egg supply crisis, our two dozen were ready for pickup every Thursday as usual and for the same price that we have been paying.

I don’t understand why those that are unable to produce those products on their own, don’t do what we do and I’m referring to even many that identify themselves as preppers.

Many, I fear, even in the survival community, would rather sit at the keyboard to obtain their supplies,  Not a prudent long-term strategy.

If we can do it here in Connecticut, anyone else in just about any location in the US would be capable of doing it also.”

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Some great news from Brandon Herrera: I’m Running For Congress.

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UPS drivers will now average $170,000 a year between pay and benefits.

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