June 16, 2024

One of the very best things about living in our era is the unfettered access to constant, high-quality information. That is, if you’re listening to and reading the right stuff!

If you are a prepper, you know there is always something else to learn, something else to do, some skill to improve. From how to use an emergency radio to starting a fire in multiple ways, you always need to improve your knowledge and practice your survival skills.

But sadly most of us still have normal lives, meaning that we have to go to work, commute, take care of chores and all that other stuff.

Whatever you’re doing, chances are listening to a podcast isn’t going to interfere, and if you want to level up your prepping game there are tons of great prepping and survival-oriented podcasts to choose from.

I’m bringing you 15 of my favorites below…

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1. In the Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast

Far and away one of my very favorite podcasts!

Hosts Aaron, Jonathan and Jason are the antidote to the more irrational, howl-at-the-moon strategies that are promulgated by the more eccentric among us.

The best part of the In the Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast is that it really focuses on what is likely: the entirely rational, down-to-earth, calm, and interested only in actual news and verified, reasonable techniques when it comes to preparation.

They specialize in urban and suburban living, so no zombie apocalypse, no one-man army, and no doomed advice to carry 130 pounds on your back into the wilderness.

If you live in “society” and want real info that is really down to earth, this is your first stop.

In the Rabbit Hole | Apple Podcast

2. Modern Outdoor Survival

One of the newest podcasts on this list, and also quickly becoming one of my personal favorites, the Modern Outdoor Survival podcast focuses on exactly what the name suggests.

Host Richard Prideaux is focused on techniques, gear and actual real-world experience from guests that will help you survive outdoors and particularly in the deep wilderness.

This is not a podcast that comes multiple times a week or even once a week, but instead, it’s just about on a two week rotation.

That’s because Richard expertly researches and assembles each episode with master craftsmanship, and drills down into the subject matter way beyond the drive-by quips that you sometimes get from other podcasts.

Worth the wait, and highly recommended!

Modern Outdoor Survival | Apple Podcasts

3. The Survival Show

Another long runner in the survival podcast arena, The Survival Show focuses on all manner of SHTF scenarios and situations.

Focusing on surviving any conceivable disaster, and some you can’t conceive of, whether you’re in an urban, suburban or rural environment host Craig and David put on highly entertaining, quick podcasts that are as addictive as a bag of potato chips.

Every time I walk out the door I usually listen to two of the shorter episodes, once on the way out and once on the way back from my errand.

The hosts are genuine survival professionals, and Craig has written several successful books on survival while David is an inventor with patents to his name.

Periodically, though not frequently, they also delve into societal issues that have identified that are fomenting or playing into larger survival issues, so you don’t need to worry about too many off-topic rates.

Another one of my favorites, and worth checking out!

Apple Podcasts

4. Ready Your Future Podcast

Another grounded, common sense podcast, and one that has been running since 2017.

The Ready Your Future podcast is front to back full of practical tips, expert advice and nuanced insights that will help anyone, from average Joe to grizzled veteran, be prepared to survive.

Whether you are worried about everyday emergencies and medical events or mega disasters that will completely topple society, the Ready Your Future podcast will bring you the very best information out there, whether it is ancient wisdom or cutting-edge techniques.

The show is also great about providing links to invaluable resources that will help you further pad your survival library and level up your own prepper skills.

Ready Your Future | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

5. Mind of the Warrior

Mind of the Warrior is a podcast from and Dr. Mike Simpson, but instead of practical application skills, techniques, fitness and other programming this one focuses on the mindset of warriors.

By interviewing and examining high-performing individuals in the military and law enforcement, and also sports and other high-pressure occupations, Mike looks to reveal the strategies and principles that are critical for mental and emotional fortitude.

You might not think it has a lot to do with survival at first, but I highly recommend this one and especially as a companion to the previous podcast.

Mindset is everything when it comes to survival, and there’s a lot that this podcast can teach you about that.

Whether it’s overcoming adversity or dealing with soul-crushing setbacks and losses, keeping your mind in the game is paramount if you want victory, whether you are on the battlefield or just trying to survive the worst day of your life.

Apple Podcasts

6. Practical Prepping Podcast

One of the newer prepping podcasts out there, and also one of the most consistent, pumping out just over an episode a week for the past few years.

The Practical Prepping podcast is another one of my favorites, mostly because hosts Mark and Krista Lawley focus on just the facts, and specifically put out content on prepping for anything but the fantastical.

You won’t have to endure daydreams about the collapse of society, sentient machines bent on taking over humanity, or fantasies of revenge that seem to populate the minds of so many other people in the category.

Practical Prepping is focused on common problems and realistic solutions to those problems, and it is the perfect first stop for easing a family member or friend into the lifestyle.

Practical Prepping | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

7. Canadian Prepper Podcast

One of the best variety prepping podcasts on the web, the Canadian Prepper podcast is hosted by a trio of dudes who are real bros, and each of them brings a wealth of information to each and every episode.

Also, the length of every episode can vary significantly, even though they’re all jam-packed with good info.

Most clock in at about an hour, but some can go way longer, and that can get really interesting when they start going down the rabbit hole.

Covering everything from survival skills and mindset to the ethics of survival when all of your chips are on the table and you have at your family to take care of, there is no subject left unturned by this podcast.

Also, it is worth mentioning that this podcast is distinct from the “Canadian Prepper” on YouTube.

Canadian Prepper Podcast | Apple Podcasts

8. The Casual Preppers

If I was going to give the award for “most entertaining prepper podcast,” I would have to hand it to The Casual Preppers. And believe me; they definitely put the “casual” in the title!

Hosts Coby Coonradt and Cam Hardy tend to yuk it up, make jibes at each other and engage in playful banter that is so natural you can’t help but like these two.

But this isn’t just an infotainment show; they really do dig deep into serious prepping information and lore, debunking myths and even cranking out the occasional feature-length documentary. No joke!

If you want to be entertained and learn in equal measure, or if you just want something that’s a little more lighthearted and relaxing to put on in the background while you work on other things, The Casual Preppers truly cannot be beat.

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9. Fieldcraft Survival

If you want to buff up your tactical skillset, there’s hardly a single better podcast than Fieldcraft Survival.

Run by a bunch of guys who are all former military with extensive resumes, this podcast is focused on skill building, and covers everything from fieldcraft, as the title suggests, to legitimate tactical skill sets from firearms to knife usage, hand-to-hand combatants, land navigation, small unit tactics and a lot more.

They also go into detailed discussions about gear and equipment selection, and integrating that gear with your mission in a holistic way.

But they don’t shy away from the more complicated, “big picture” topics either. They cover various disaster situations with a focus on man-made calamities like rioting, societal collapse and more.

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10. Survival and Basic Badass Podcast

Sort of a one-stop variety show for prepping and prepping-related interests, the Survival and Basic Badass Podcast is hosted by a trio of young dudes who describe themselves as entirely average Americans.

Each episode delves into a huge range of topics, everything from becoming self-sufficient on a homestead of your own to surviving in the wilderness, beefing up your firearm skills, creating improvised shelters, and a whole lot more.

The group also tackles misconceptions and urban legends surrounding survival and prepping, and they even sprinkle in a few timely conspiracy theories to keep things interesting.

Tons of fun, and the hosts all have great chemistry which makes this a wonderful show to binge when you’re taking care of some lawn work outside or on a long car ride.

Apple Podcasts | iHeart | Stitcher

11. The Survivalist Prepper

If you’re a survivalist, and you are a prepper, you can get everything you want in one shot with The Survivalist Prepper podcast!

Okay, I’m being a little glib, but this really is a great podcast full of all the stuff that people like us love.

Host Dale Goodwin covers all sorts of survival scenarios in tremendous depth, looking at them from all angles and how they will affect people of different walks of life dependent on where you live.

Although there’re a lot less episodes of this podcast compared to others featured on this list, each one is super crunchy, and I mean deep dish packed with info!

Also, Dale is notable for covering some truly apocalyptic scenarios with a grounded, reasonable approach. Like I said above, when these topics typically come up they devolve into fantasy and nothing more, but not here.

If you genuinely want some great insights on it end of the world or end of society prepping, put this one on your list.

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12. Disaster Podcast

If tactical topics are just not your thing, the Disaster Podcast is probably the home for you. Hosts Sammy Bradley and Jamie David focus on preparing for natural disasters and other everyday emergencies.

Both have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and Jamie David is a certified EMT.

Considering that medical skills are one area where most preppers are sadly quite deficient, this is a great podcast for putting a new light on these lifesaving skillsets.

Even better, the show will regularly feature guests that come from other first responder professions, law enforcement and fire professionals among them, so they can help provide perspective about what you can expect from various civic services during different kinds of disasters.

Super informative and very entertaining, recommended.

Disaster Podcast | Apple Podcasts

13. Mountain Woman Radio

Truly unique podcast in the space, host Tammy Trayer is a lifelong hunter who has really been living the stuff that she teaches, whether it is living off grid, outdoor survival or dealing with disasters.

There are plenty of guys in the space that are all about theory crafting, but Tammy is a one-of-a-kind woman and also the genuine article when it comes to walking the walk.

It’s also worth pointing out that not every episode is about hardcore survival skills. She has several episodes on living boldly in faith, living in harmony with nature and taking time to live life to the fullest.

Very refreshing, and they are a necessary break from the constant “problem focused” nature of most prepping podcasts. She’ll also have the occasional guest on her podcast if they can contribute their experience or expertise to her mission.

Even better news, she has a huge archive of episodes so there’s plenty to discover right now!

Faith Led Living | Apple Podcasts | iHeart

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