May 24, 2024

FEC disclosures show Rep. William R. Timmons IV, R-S.C., has made the most repayments — $554,000 — of any member of Congress since the election cycle began on Nov. 9. But Simmons reported loaning his campaign $500,000 on Nov. 28 and then repaying himself $525,000 on Nov. 29, followed by an additional $2,000 on Dec. 27. He started the year with $12,000 in his campaign account and about $324,000 in loans outstanding from his first victory in 2018. Donors contributed $245,000 from Jan. 1 through June 30, and on April 24, he reimbursed himself an additional $27,000.

Similarly, Rep. Kevin Mullin, D-Calif., loaned his campaign $50,000 on March 27 but repaid $25,000 of it on April 7. His receipts for the cycle so far are $274,000, and he had $64,000 in cash on hand on June 30. 

Like Johnson, the Wisconsin senator, Democratic Rep. Ami Bera of California is repaying loans from over a decade ago. He made a $25,000 payment in June from receipts totaling $328,000 for the cycle. 

Other House Republicans reporting loan repayments this cycle and their total receipts were: Blake D. Moore of Utah, $607,000 in receipts, $105,000 in repayments; Kevin Hern of Oklahoma, $514,000 in receipts, $75,000 in repayments; Jack Bergman of Michigan, $512,000 in receipts, $50,000 in repayments; Neal Dunn of Florida, $335,000 in receipts, $20,000 in repayments; Laurel Lee of Florida, $309,000 in receipts, $50,000 in repayments; and Lori Chavez-DeRemer of Oregon, $1.4 million in receipts, $10,000 in repayments.

One other House Democrat making repayments was Jared Moskowitz of Florida, who had $319,000 in receipts and repaid himself $24,000.