July 24, 2024

A Democrat running to unseat Republican Rep. Michelle Steel in California has suspended his campaign, saying that “life is too short.”

In an email shared on Twitter by OC Register reporter Hanna Kang, Aditya Pai, 31, explained why he was giving up: “The reason is simple: a lack of joy”

He went on: “I believe one should enjoy their work. For the past four months, I have not enjoyed mine.”

Pai said that while his campaign spread “a service message that resonates here in a purple district,” he added that “my heart is not quite in it.”

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“I love the subject matter dearly: politics, law, policy, government. I love helping people. But at least at this moment, I don’t enjoy the life of a politician,” he said.

“And were I fortunate enough to be elected, I am now certain, I would be unhappy in Congress.”