May 26, 2024

Retired federal judge J. Michael Luttig assessed that “American democracy is in grave peril” because the GOP is no longer a viable political party with the decay it has experienced under Donald Trump.

Luttig, a conservative-leaning former judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals, joined CNN This Morning on Wednesday, where he reaffirmed his position that Donald Trump is a threat to democracy, especially as he leads the Republican Party in eroding public trust in America’s institutions. As Luttig reflected on the tragic juncture America faces in a former president being put on trial for his “grave offenses,” Poppy Harlow turned to the fact that Trump continues to dominate the GOP.

“What do you think has happened to your party?” Harlow asked Luttig.

His answer:

Frankly, I don’t care about the Republican Party at all, except to the extent that the two political parties in America are the political guardians of democracy in our country. American democracy simply cannot function without two equally healthy and equally strong political parties. So, today, in my view, there is no Republican Party to counter the Democratic Party in the country. And for that reason, American democracy is in grave peril.

“There is no Republican Party?” Harlow asked him. Luttig explained by outlining his view that “a political party is a collection, an assemblage of individuals who share a set of beliefs and principles and policy views about the United States of America.”

“Today there is no such shared set of beliefs and values and principles, or even policy views, within the Republican Party for America,” Luttig determined. “Until or unless the Republican Party can pull itself together into a credible Republican political party, we simply don’t have two competing parties in America.”

Watch above via CNN.

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