May 28, 2024

Regarding this article’s title of “What’s the Most Important Prepping Advice in Organic Prepper History?”

There could be multiple criteria for making that determination. Some examples might include the number of reader visits to that article, the number of reprints on other platforms, the number of comments, the number of people who wanted to take that advice, the number of people who actually did act on that advice, the number of people whose life (and those of their loved ones) might be jeopardized if such advice was not acted upon, which prepping advice might be likely relevant before any other life-threatening might likely arise, etc, etc.

Some of those items are measurable. Some of them are not. A technically astute person might ask to know what unit of measure (meaning which of those criteria above) is most relevant to the person asking the question.

To complicate the matter, some prepping advice will be highly relevant to some people but less so to others — depending on varying location, health, age, number and ages of any dependents, financial resources, physical resources, personal skills (or the lack of them), etc.

So my conclusion is that the answer to the article’s title question will vary wildly depending on the most relevant criteria chosen by different individuals plus their individual circumstances.


PS. Yellow snow can be a consumable resource IF first run through a distiller — despite some occasionally bad advice from an episode of Bear Grylls.