May 26, 2024

Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov acknowledged on April 12 that the recent U.S. intelligence leak contains a “mix” of true and false information. However, the true information is already outdated, he said.

Speaking from Spain at a summit with his Spanish counterpart Margarita Robles, Reznikov surmised that the leak was likely intended to aid Russia and its allies.

The leaked documents are part of a trove of classified U.S. military and intelligence files that appeared on the social media network Discord. The Pentagon has since launched an investigation into the source of the leaks, which remains unknown.

One piece of leaked intel in the trove of documents suggests that Ukraine’s air defense systems require replenishment to avoid the risk of depletion by early May and mid-April, and failure to do so could increase the risk of Russian airstrikes.

Another alleged document dated early February conveys U.S. doubts over the planned Ukrainian counteroffensive, warning of considerable “force generation and sustainment shortfalls” and the likelihood that Ukraine’s future counteroffensive will result in only “modest territorial gains.”

Moreover, the documents indicated that Egypt secretly planned to supply up to 40,000 rockets to Russia, although the White House said on April 12 that it has no indication Egypt has provided Russia with rockets and other lethal weapons for its war against Ukraine.

While Ukrainian officials originally dismissed the documents as “fake,” U.S. officials have confirmed to both the New York Times and CNN that the documents are likely legitimate, although some of them appear to have been altered.

Official: ‘No more than 5 people’ have information on Ukrainian counteroffensive plans

“Information on when the military actions might begin will be known to a limited number of people,” National Security and Defense Council head Oleksii Danilov said in an April 6 interview with RFE/RL, adding that Ukrainians will find out when the offensive actually begins.

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