July 16, 2024

Mo’Nique said in the trailer her Netflix special would help fans “understand why I swing like I swing,” and she delivered.

The actress and comedian’s stand-up special My Name is Mo’Nique began streaming on April 4.

The Precious star shared anecdotes with the audience about being raised in Baltimore by “junkies, gamblers, alcoholics,” attending special education classes in middle school, and her interest in being intimate with other women.

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Mo’Nique said she told her husband and business manager, Sidney Hicks, that she wanted to explore her desires.

“I said daddy, I wanna be with another woman, sexually,” she said in a clip posted on Instagram by The Shade Room. “And he looked at me so beautifully, and so patient and so loving, and said, ‘b-tch, me too!’”

The comedian added that she has a gay uncle who was rejected by family members, including her beloved grandmother, who refused to accept that her son was gay.

Mo’Nique, 55, said through tears that she had “secret thoughts” and “fantasies” for years, but didn’t share them out of fear of disappointing her late grandmother, who was a devout Christian.

“Now I know y’all are looking at me in this moment saying, ‘Wait a minute b-tch, are you a motherfu–ing d-ke?’ No I’m not, all the way,” she quipped.

My Name is Mo’Nique is currently streaming on Netflix.

The special is directed by L. Frazier, with Mo’Nique and Hicks serving as executive producers.

As previously reported, Mo’Nique taped the special at the Rialto Center for the Arts in Atlanta last year, after settling her gender discrimination lawsuit against Netflix. The suit alleged the streamer “made a lowball offer that was only a fraction of what Netflix paid other (non-Black female) comedians.”