July 24, 2024

SIX people were shot at a South Carolina beach on Friday in a bloody start to Easter weekend festivities.

The six victims were rushed to the hospital after gunfire erupted during a brawl at Isle of Palms beach, which is about 15 miles east of Charleston.

The victims suffered injuries that were not considered life-threatening, the Isle of Palms City government said in a tweet.

Multiple shots were fired at 5.20pm as a large group of teenagers was at the beach for a “senior skip day,” Police Chief Kevin Cornett said.

The shooting stemmed from fights that broke out, one of which ended with gunfire.

Most of the victims were high school-aged but at least one was an older adult, according to Cornett.

“(The Isle of Palms Police Department) has several people detained,” city officials tweeted.

“We don’t know that any of them are necessarily the individual that fired,” Cornett said.

Some of the suspects were being held on weapons charges.

Four victims were taken to the hospital via ambulance and two left the beach to seek treatment on their own.

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Several videos have surfaced on social media that appear to show before and after the shooting.

One clip showed a large, noisy crowd gathered beneath the Isle of Palms Connector Bridge.

Approximately a dozen gunshots are heard at the end of the video as people begin to run from the area.

Another clip shared on Twitter showed multiple people brawling on the sand before cops ran over and started breaking up the fight.

Cops are seen tackling one person, who appears to resist their efforts to take them into custody.

The gunfire and beachgoers fleeing were captured in another video shared on Twitter.

The incident comes as many local schools are set to have their spring break next week.

“After the shooting we ran and then on the bridge leaving mfs is coming out their car twerking with no clothes on and driving all kinds of crazy,” one witness tweeted.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office and the Summerville Police Department are on the scene to assist cops with the investigation, which is ongoing.

Police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to call them immediately.