May 24, 2024

Just like before World Wars One and Two, the war drums are beating louder and louder. Politicians are also saying that they do not want war and war is unlikely, very much like they did in the United States before we entered both World War One and two. This article is intended to cut through the bull manure and present a very logical case that we are marching to another pivotal point in history, what life on the home front may look like and what you should be doing to prepare.

The Definition of Insanity

If you look at the history of both world wars in the 20th Century, the United States, by an act of Congress, declared the US neutral, but then we supplied only one side with arms, ammunition, and other supplies. It would seem insane to think we could do the same again with a different outcome. Often misattributed to Albert Einstein is the quote: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

History seems to be rhyming

Historically, America cannot stay out of Modern European wars. The US got involved in both world wars and let’s not forget getting involved in the Balkan war in the 1990s. The involvement of the US in the Balkan War in the 1990s was one of the first events that started the Russian elites to think NATO might spread east into former Soviet Republics, thus they saw NATO as a threat to the Russian homeland. At each point in history before the world wars, there was “saber-rattling” and debate as to what was going to happen. The wise prepared, while the unwise went on without a care in the world. Many of us who grew up in the Cold War saw movies that tended to portray World War Three as a sudden event with an all-out nuclear exchange. History tells us that wars have always kind of started with a “slow burn”, such as we see Russia and Ukraine battling it out with materiel support from others. As time goes on there will be a gradual escalation until someone makes a move with unintended consequences.

If you remember back a few months, when a missile landed in Poland, the pucker factor increased. Ultimately the missile was found to be Ukrainian but if it were an errant missile of Russia origins there would have been repercussions that, at the very least, drew both sides closer to war at a quicker pace. I don’t think either side wants war with the other but as time passes without a winner, one side or their proxies will take a calculated risk to win, and it is these types of moves that inch us closer and closer to war. Not wanting war doesn’t mean not instigating war. Each side will push the envelope — not wanting a war, but neither side will turn and run either.

Trusting in clowns

The other point that we should consider is: Do you trust the clowns in DC? What we need to realize now is that both the GOP and DNC are in agreement on assisting Ukraine. The support is more about stemming Putin’s rule of the Russian Federation than “supporting” Ukraine. We have already heard cries for regime change by US officials. Putin might want to reach out to talk to Saddam Hussain to see how it worked out for him when the US wanted regime change in Iraq. Sure there are a few people in both parties that say they are against any more support for Ukraine but we also know how party leaders have a knack for bringing members back into the party fold. The clowns are also the same people who convinced themselves and others that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction that amounted to a threat. This was one of the largest most expensive intelligence blunders in US history and we act like it didn’t even happen. Well folks, when something works, you keep using it.

War is good for the economy

We hear this, but oftentimes those saying it get dismissed with some label like anti-American or a conspiracy nut. But in his 1961 farewell address to the nation, President Eisenhower warned of the dangers of the military-industrial complex. He stated:

“This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources, and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.”

We need to understand these words even more today as our defense industries rake in millions of dollars of sales and profits from arms sales to Ukraine. What congressman would speak out about industry adding good family-sustaining jobs in their district? None.

The Propaganda Machine Is On

When the mainstream media is in lockstep, look out. Just like the invasion of Iraq, the media will join in lockstep to march us into a war. Anyone who speaks out against supporting Ukraine will soon be deemed “Anti-American”, “A Commie Lover”, “A conspiracy theorist” and other negative names. None of the millions of loyal Democrats who put signs reading “Support Our Troops – Bring them Home Now” in their yards or on their car bumpers will do that for Biden’s war. We are also seeing more media attention focusing on China.

Recently, a reporter from one of the mainstream media was on board a US Navy aircraft as it was flying in international waters, but over one of China’s man-made islands in the South China Sea that are militarized. The Chinese military hails the US aircraft telling it to leave Chinese airspace and then a Chinese military aircraft escorts the US Plane. These types of incidents are not new and are not uncommon. Putting the incidents on the evening “news” serves a propaganda purpose of changing the public’s opinion towards China. The establishment needs the US population to view China as an aggressor (which they are) so that the public will support the war effort.

In For a Penny, In For a Pound

Considering the amount of “aid” that we have provided to Ukraine, it would be illogical to think that at some point the US and NATO will stop. Perhaps 20 years from now some president will hastily pull out, but the military-industrial complex got their profits. But it takes two to tango and Russia too has a considerable “investment” into their war as well. No one will be backing down anytime soon, in fact, the opposite will happen. As Russia gets more weapons from Iran and probably China, the US and NATO will be forced to increase the amount of aid and the lethality of the weapons being provided. Both sides have a big “investment” in the war and won’t just throw it away.

Do You Really Believe that?

As humans, we are not strangers to hearing people with bizarre beliefs. Unfortunately, we are also accustomed to seeing people doing bizarre things in the name of their bizarre beliefs. As we listen to Biden talk about the demise of our petroleum world and the ushering in of green energy, some of us just think it’s the power elite and the Biden’s lining their pockets again. But what if these people truly believe that the world will cease to exist due to climate change? Just search the Internet for: “can nuclear war stop global warming?”. It should be alarming that someone actually did research into this. The answer, according to the research, is yes but that it would cause another environmental crisis. But what happens if climate change zealots decided that the ends justify the means? These same climate change zealots are also the same people who think that Earth is overpopulated. There is also a long history of left-wing wackos, like the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), killing animals in the name of saving animals. Will nuclear war be used to stop or slow climate change? Probably not, but when dealing with zealots we should never discount the insane as improbable.

As we hear about Spring Offenses, ammunition shortages, more mobilizations, and more high-tech weaponry being added to the fight we need to realize we are getting closer and closer to escalation, whether intended or not. So what can we do?

Prepare for real shortages

As we saw with Covid, supply systems are very fragile. But for the most part we were ultimately able to get what we needed although it may have taken longer than we would have liked. With the next war, that won’t be the case. Trade will be cut off by sanctions, embargos, blockades and lack of transportation as the civilian air and maritime fleets are pressed into service to support the war efforts. The United States will quickly implement the Defense Production Act provisions in order to manufacture the equipment and supplies for the war effort. As the US entered WWII, about 30% of the US population were farmers. Today the number of farmers is less than 2% of the population. Agribusiness has capitalized on using automation and technology to make up for fewer people actually farming. But what happens when those large corporate farms, with their fancy machines and computers, can’t get parts and regardless of the time waited they won’t be coming from China.

Additionally, we will also see a number of farm workers get drafted, just like World War Two. During World War Two, the US was not only the “Arsenal of Democracy” but we were also the bread basket for democracy, feeding not only the Armies and Navies of our Allies but also much of their civilian populations, which caused the US to implement a rationing program. Based on the vulnerabilities of food production today and the legal facets that regulate food production and sale, many people will starve until the system can adjust. With a war raging, that adjustment will first focus on food for the fighting forces and then the civilian population so it may be some time. With the possibility of Agribusiness not being able to produce enough food, I believe that Homesteaders may be pressured into supporting the war effort by increasing production and by exclusively selling the food produced to the government.

Unlike during WWII, I think there will be more, let’s just call it “oversight”, of food production at the sight of production much like was done in England. It is a very real possibility that some government agent would be assigned to “visit” your homestead to inventory the plants you have in the ground and the livestock you have. Of course, this “oversight” will be done under the guise to make sure you are doing your patriotic part for the war effort. A second garden plot that can’t readily be seen by prying eyes or some other system to camouflage some of your food production should be considered and preparations for it made now. We should not think for a moment that just because we live on a family farm, on a homestead, or have a garden that we will continue to get to decide how much food we keep or sell. After all, it will be “your patriotic duty” to support the war effort.

If you have a small family farm or homestead you will also be “encouraged” to expand your production. But don’t worry, Uncle Sam may even send you some labor from Mexico, or a detachment of prisoners of war (POWs), just like they did in WWII, or some help from the cities as they did in Great Britain. One other scenario to watch for before a kinetic war starts with China is the Chinese government quietly telling Chinese manufacturers to ignore orders from the West, delay manufacturing, stall shipments, or sabotage the quality of goods they ship to the US. There would be no “Official” statement or policy from the Chinese communist party on this. This would be a de facto trade embargo against the US.

We’ll Take That Off Your Hands

Just like the United States War Production Board campaigns during WWII, the government will be seeking your scrap metal, fat, and unwanted cloth. In WWII, these campaigns were voluntary but I suspect they won’t be in the next war. So, if you have an extra Ford F-150 around for spare parts you may want to strip it now. Considering our lack of manufacturing capability, as compared to WWII, the reuse of existing used parts maybe necessary. cheap clothing, among a multitude of other things, will be a thing of the past. The days of just throwing away a piece of clothing, or piece of equipment due to a small hole or other minor issue will be over.

Make sure you have the supplies and skills to mend your clothing and to fix things. If you like those jeans made in Honduras, you had better buy a few extra pairs – of course in a smaller size since you won’t be enjoying dinner out and all the “comfort” foods you may be used to. Having extra parts for small motors, tractors, generators, chain saws, and other key pieces of survival equipment will be crucial to have before the war starts.

If you have a farm or homestead you may want to research Doodlebug Tractors. These were homemade tractors made by converting older vehicles. Besides “rag” and scrap metal drives there was also drives to collect animal fats. One pound of fat could be used to help make 1/3 of a pound of gunpowder. For many of us giving up our grease from cooking won’t be an issue, or will it? The use of lard, we were told, was bad for us, so many Americans and food companies stopped using it and instead use things like oils that are currently plentiful. As we have seen with the war in Ukraine, the cheap, steady flow of cooking oils will probably cease. Between supply chain issues and rationing, you may want to start saving and learning how to use lard and tallow.

The massive amounts of production during WWII also caused a booming economy. It has been stated that the US GDP rose 15% in one year during the war. As we all know, when a lot of money is pumped into the economy (by “stimulus checks” or higher wages), inflation rears its ugly head. But don’t worry, just like during WWII, your favorite uncle will take your “extra” money off your hands, in the form of higher taxes to help control inflation and pay for the war effort.

Big Brother on Steroids

Think Big Brother is bad today? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just imagine all the snowflake busybodies who will be “reporting suspicious activity” when it is perceived that you did not put out enough rags or scrap steel at one of the neighborhood rag or scrap Steel drives. Remember when Democrats put signs up reading “support our troops, end the war”? Well, there will be no signs like that, as it will be considered seditious. I’m sure teachers will also report suspicious activity too. You know like little Johnny showing up with more food in his lunch box than the other kids, or Johnny answering the teacher’s question about “who’s parents don’t like the war?” Those of you that use social media will also be victims of “guilt by association” and don’t forget Big Brother is already assigning people a social credit score. Ironically, we will be told we are fighting for “freedom” but will have ours taken away in the name of winning the war.

(To be concluded tomorrow, in Part 2.)