April 19, 2024

Donald Trump might be a billionaire and former president, but he’ll be treated like any other suspected criminal when he’s indicted on Tuesday over hush payments to a porn star.

Trump will face the humiliation of being booked and processed, then have his fingerprints and mugshot taken before going before a judge in a court appearance that’s expected at 2.15pm.

While usual protocols apply, no former US president has ever been charged with a crime in US – and there are still many elements which are unprecedented. Some questions remain unanswered: Will his Secret Service detail stay beside him throughout? Where will Trump be processed? Will he be subject to a perp walk?

Attorneys for the former president hope he’ll be spared the theatrics some suspects are forced to undertake. He’s not likely to be handcuffed during the process, and a perp walk may be risky – particularly because violent protests could occur outside the Manhattan courthouse where he’ll appear.

But Trump loves publicity – and he knows that powerful images of his arrest will resonate deeply with his supporters. Trump might think pictures of him in chains will boost his reputation as a political martyr – and help his bid to be reelected as president in 2024.

Donald Trump will fly to New York on Monday before he’s booked and processed at the district attorney’s office then appears in court on Tuesday charged over the Stormy Daniels payment

A long list of agencies are meeting on Friday to map out how Trump’s surrender will play out. Officials from the NYPD, US Secret Service, US Marshals and New York State Court Officers are all involved in the discussions.

Trump, who is currently at his Mar-a-Lago resort, is expected to fly from Florida into a New York airport on Monday, before he surrenders on Tuesday.

The former president could travel in his newly-renovated Boeing 757 ‘Trump Force One’. But given the security concerns and detailed planning required, law enforcement officials may want him to fly in a government plane accompanied by US Marshals.

As a former president, Trump is entitled to a personal Secret Service security detail for the rest of his life. His Secret Service agents will travel with him to New York.

Trump is expected to fly into LaGuardia Airport. From the airport, he’s expected to travel to the 58-story Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan, where he will spend the night.

On Tuesday morning, he’ll likely travel straight to the Manhattan DA’s office to be booked and processed. There’s also a chance Trump will be booked at a New York police station, although that’s less likely because of the logistics involved. The DA’s office is better equipped to handle a case of this magnitude.

He’ll travel to the location in an entourage with his Secret Service detail and probably a convoy of law enforcement officials.

Trump could either travel to New York in his newly-renovated ‘Trump Force One’ Boeing 757 or fly in a government plane

After he arrives in New York, Trump will be escorted by his Secret Service detail to a booking facility in Manhattan. Pictured:  Trump’s motorcade leaves Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach and heads to Mar A Lago on March 23

Several law enforcement agencies in New York are drawing up detailed plans to facilitate Donald Trump’s surrender, with protests expected when he appears in court on Tuesday

Once at the booking facility, Trump will undergo the same process as every other suspected crook to pass through the initial stages of New York’s criminal justice system.

It’s likely he’ll first need to hand over any personal items for safe keeping. This could include objects like a wristwatch or his cellphone. Trump will give over personal information like his name and date of birth.

His fingerprints will be taken and he’ll pose for a mugshot. NYPD policy prohibits publicly releasing mug shots, though they have leaked in the past. Trump could even seek to have the picture released himself – as a symbol of the persecution he claims to face.

The key question about this part of the process is whether Trump will be escorted by his Secret Service detail. Defendants are typically processed without their attorneys present, but it’s not clear what the rules are around Secret Service agents. This will be among the questions law enforcement officials will answer as they plan out the process.

In all, the booking process is expected take around three hours. Officials will want to get it done quickly because of the circus that surrounds the indictment.

After that, Trump will head to court for his first appearance. The indictment will be unsealed and the world will hear what charges the grand jury has decided the former president should face.

Security is being beefed up around court buildings in Manhattan in anticipation of protests at the decision to charge Trump 

Trump will appear in court on Tuesday after a Manhattan grand jury voted to indict the former president hush money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels 

Manhattan Supreme Court is the likely venue. It is well equipped for high-profile cases and gives law enforcement officials the best chance of installing measures – including a security perimeter – that will minimize the likelihood of unwanted problems like violence.

Trump is unlikely to be perp walked into the building. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will want to avoid deepening the fierce backlash he’s faced for bringing the case. But it could be Trump who wants to make a show of the process.

Once in court, Trump will appear before a judge and the charges decided by the grand jury will be put to him. Trump will deny the charges.

The judge is expected to be Juan Merchan, who previously presided over the Trump Organization fraud trial, where the family business was fined $1.2million on a range of charges.

Outside the court, protests are likely – by both supporters and opponents of Trump. Law enforcement agencies are drawing up detailed plans to minimize the chaos. All uniformed members of the New York Police Department need to be ‘prepared for deployment’.

A media circus of hundreds of journalists and photographers is also inevitable.