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March 12, 202304:41

In her suits, Grossberg alleged that Fox wanted her and Maria Bartiromo, the Fox Business anchor for whom she worked before Carlson, to take the blame for the network’s coverage of Dominion and unsubstantiated claims of voting fraud in the 2020 election. She also made a series of allegations about crude, sexist and misogynistic behavior at the network. In her new filing, she says a male producer watched a video of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., doing CrossFit exercises and called her a “eunuch.”

Grossberg said in her new filings that during her original deposition “I did not understand at the time, as I had not been made aware by Fox, that the statement ‘I don’t recall’ is potentially perjurious. … I also understood and took away from my deposition preparation sessions with Fox’s legal team that I needed to keep my answers artificially general and if it got to any questions about details, try to dodge the question by saying ‘I don’t recall.’”

In the amended New York complaint, Grossberg says that during deposition prep sessions Fox lawyers showed her two text message exchanges from Nov. 8 and Nov. 9, 2020, about “a particularly troubling [on-air] segment in which Rudy Giuliani made unfounded allegations about widespread election fraud.” She says that the messages showed it had been “pre-taped” and thus could have been edited or prevented from airing but that David Clark, then the network’s senior vice president of weekend news, had chosen not to keep it off the air.

To cover up the omission, Grossberg says, the Fox attorneys coached her to say the segment was “live to tape” to imply it could not have been edited between taping and airing. “The Fox News Attorneys knew full well, however,” says the complaint, that what they were “trying to bully Ms. Grossberg to weave into her testimony was materially misleading.”

The errata sheet filed Monday as an exhibit with the Delaware amended complaint repeats Grossberg’s allegation that Fox News lawyers canceled her initial deposition late the night before it was to have taken place. She states in the new filing that “I have good reason to believe that it was because Fox wanted to prep me one more time and coach me into making statements that would make me look bad and incompetent, and thus ruin my career, while distancing the parent company from at least some of the otherwise substantial liability award because the Fox attorneys were trying to scapegoat me as inexplicably incompetent.”

Dominion’s attorneys asked during the deposition whether she trusted the producers at Fox with whom she worked. She had answered yes, but she amended that to say she did not trust all of the producers because “they’re activists, not journalists and impose their political agenda on the programing,” and she says she had caught someone she worked with plagiarizing. 

March 8, 202303:04

Grossberg said in the errata sheet that Dominion-related reporting did not receive the same editorial oversight — including editing of questionable content — as other stories, stating that “Dominion-related reporting … was allowed to receive significant airplay without any evidence implicating them in any way.”

A spokesperson for Fox has said, “Her allegations in connection with the Dominion case are baseless and we will vigorously defend Fox against all of her claims.”

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