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Why you should build a Nuclear Fallout Shelter

  Nuclear fallout covers have been denounced as a conclusive prep for the incredulous and the point of many jokes. Regardless, now that we've all been reminded that nuclear mishaps can happen, nobody is laughing anymore. My desire is that nuclear availability transforms into a point we're more content with talking about again. I'd favor not to see us cede [...]

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Clean up your camp.

A female black bear weighing about 125 pounds and believed to be approximately four years old was euthanized yesterday in Grand Teton National Park. The decision was made by park officials after careful consideration and a concern for the public’s safety.   Recent activities exhibited by the bear showed it had no fear of humans and had approached humans. It had [...]

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This is a skill for sure!  When the enemy comes to attack and you have to move to the mountains to hide, learn to be super sneaky to conserve ammunition and/or arrows.  The last one is incredible!!      

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SHTF Hacks – How to Skin a Rabbit

So, you grew up in the city and bought your caviar at a designer grocery store, but you want to survive the zombie apocalypse? Well my urban friend, you're going to have to get your hands dirty.  Here's a handy little video that shows you how to prep your own meat. There will be no shrink-wrapped packaging from here on [...]

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Canning Butter

I’ve recently come across a lot of information and misinformation about canning butter at home. Because of the level of controversy, and the amount of unsafe advice out there, I wanted to set a few things straight. If you’ve read any of the articles or blog posts out there, then you probably already know that the USDA does not recommend [...]

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