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Clean up your camp.

A female black bear weighing about 125 pounds and believed to be approximately four years old was euthanized yesterday in Grand Teton National Park. The decision was made by park officials after careful consideration and a concern for the public’s safety.   Recent activities exhibited by the bear showed it had no fear of humans and [...]

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The Effects Of Dehydration

Dehydration is no joke. Whether hiking the Grand Canyon or spending another day at the office, staying hydrated is essential to health. The human body is at least two-thirds water, and once its liquid content is reduced, bad things start to happen. Let’s review mild to serious effects of dehydration to help your water intake [...]

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4 Things I promised Myself After Surviving Hurricane Sandy

I remember the sickening sound of trees cracking and popping. It was a hurricane -  hurricane Sandy to be precise, and we lived in Southern Connecticut. It could have been worse, we were on a high hill, protecting us from flooding, and none of those falling trees landed on our home. We were well [...]

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How to pack an open wound

Bleeding Wound The failure to control hemorrhage is a common cause of death in trauma situations. With the increased number of active shooter events in the United States, the average citizen should have knowledge of basic methods to stop heavy bleeding. The government’s Stop The Bleed Initiative is attempting to foster awareness of the [...]

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