April 21, 2024

From seasonal disturbances and natural disasters to catastrophic events like the sabotage of our electrical infrastructure, our grid has become increasingly vulnerable to disruption. Given our growing dependence on the grid, safeguarding yourself, your loved ones, and your home against power grid failures has never been more important.

As a prepper or anyone interested in off-grid living, you know that having a reliable and sustainable energy source is essential for long-term survival. But even for the weekend warrior, having a way to power up on your next offroad boondocking adventure sure makes like a lot more enjoyable while out on the road.

Whether it’s emergency power, keeping our ham radios up and running, or providing power while we are out on the road, some of our

Let’s start with their latest, the Jackery Solar Generator 3000. This thing is a beast, and is the perfect solution to ensure you have power during emergencies, off-grid living, and outdoor adventures. With a massive battery capacity of 3024Wh, this high-capacity portable power station can power 99% of appliances and is more than enough to keep you going! This thing is also great for RVs, travel trailers, or home emergencies.

What sets the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro apart is its ability to charge fully in 2.4 hours via a wall outlet or in 3-4 hours with 6*200W solar panels. It’s also been redesigned to generate 50% more power in low-light conditions using Jackery’s solar panels.

The Jackery Solar Generator 3000 is designed with preppers in mind, equipped with multiple ports, including AC outlets, DC ports, USB-A and USB-C ports, and a 12V carport, allowing you to charge a wide range of devices that you may need in emergencies. In addition, its built-in LCD screen displays real-time data, such as the battery level, output power, and charging status, providing you with valuable information at a glance. You can monitor the real-time status and customize settings using the Jackery app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, giving you complete control over your power supply.

One of Jackery’s most popular solar generators is the Jackery Explorer 1000 – we have one, and we bring it on just about every trip we take into the backcountry. This powerful generator has a battery capacity of 1002Wh and can be charged using solar panels, carports, or wall outlets.

Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or working on a remote job site, the Explorer 100 can provide the power you need to run small appliances, charge electronic devices, and keep lights on. With its compact size and lightweight design, you can take your generator anywhere you need power. A 1000 watt generator can power a variety of appliances and devices, including small refrigerators, fans, lights, and electronic devices. You can also use it to charge batteries for your phone, laptop, ham radios, smartphones, drones, or other portable devices.

The Jackery Explorer 1000 is also equipped with multiple ports, including AC outlets, DC ports, USB-A and USB-C ports, and a 12V carport, providing users with a variety of options to charge their devices. The generator also has a built-in LCD screen that displays real-time data, including the battery level, output power, and charging status.

Another popular solar generator from Jackery is the Jackery Explorer 500. This compact generator has a battery capacity of 518Wh and can be charged using solar panels, wall outlets, or carports. The Explorer 500 is also equipped with multiple ports, including AC outlets, DC ports, USB-A and USB-C ports, and a 12V carport, making it a versatile choice for camping trips and emergency situations.

Combined with a solar panel like the Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel, this setup can provide you with the power you need to keep things going when the grid goes down. We know a number of people who travel the country in a van who use this setup as their primary source of power for their laptops, cellphones, lighting and ham radios. Personally, we use it in the field to run our ham radio and emergency radio rigs.

Jackery’s solar generators are also known for their durability and portability. The generators are designed with a sturdy and compact frame, making them easy to transport and store. The generators are also equipped with advanced battery management systems that protect against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits, ensuring that the generator stays in good condition for longer.