May 28, 2024

Today’s indictment of Donald Trump quickly became tonight’s punchline for TV’s late-night hosts.

Trump arch-nemesis Jimmy Kimmel said he found out about Trump’s indictment less than two hours before walking onstage, but the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host had no problem filling most of his monologue with Trump jokes, including “The ‘J’ in ‘Donald J. Trump’ now stands for ‘Jail,’ ” and, “He’s going to be read his Miranda Rights. Wait until he finds out that all this time he had the right to be silent.”

Kimmel also had some suggested titles for new reality series Trump might sell, given his circumstances. Among them: The Celebrity Apprehentice, Arrested Developer and, of course, the all-purpose Biggest Loser.

Kimmel had earlier tweeted a video of himself walking out to rapturous applause and, taking a page out of Trump’s book, hugging a flag. “A day many of us thought would never come!” read the caption.

Meanwhile, over on NBC, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon also weighed in on the big news of the day, posting a supercut mashup of Trump singing — and dancing — along to a tweaking version of a 1980s Pointer Sisters hit:

But, unfortunately for NBC’s later late-night show:

Kimmel also tweeted out an Orange Is the New Black-inspired deepfake video of Trump musing from jail.

Even Fox News’ Gutfeld! chimed in — with a promo of who is on the show tonight:

We’ll add more video as it becomes available.