April 21, 2024

CNN Law Enforcement analyst John Miller reported to Erin Burnett that former President Donald Trump. has been criminally indicted on a whopping 34 counts.

News broke on Thursday afternoon that Trump has been indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s grand jury investigating the circumstances around hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. As the evening progressed, detail were scarce, but trickled out slowly — including Miller’s scoop that NYPD is mobilizing for Friday after weeks of Trump threats and incitement.

On Thursday night’s edition of CNN’s OutFront, Miller broke more news when he told Burnett that the indictment consists of 34 counts:

JOHN MILLER: I am told by my sources that this is 34 counts of falsification of business records, which is probably a lot of charges involving each document,, each thing that was submitted as a separate count and a couple of matters. So he would surrender to the district attorney’s office. Now, presumably that would happen at the district attorney’s office. He would be taken upstairs to the detective squad. He’d be fingerprinted and photographed for mug shot. They would be given a conference room because remember, nothing is the same here. He’s a defendant who is under guard by the United States Secret Service. I can’t remember in history that ever occurring before. But his detail will be with him. Presumably they would put him in a conference room and say, all right, you’re now booked. Right. And your information is being entered into the system. Now, we’ll have an arraignment judge. They’ll bring him to the arraignment judge, and they’ll be released on his own recognizance.

ERIN BURNETT: And just a basic thing here, I just want to go through that. So this under seal and we know what happened. Okay. But Ryan, does he does this just for anybody watching who doesn’t know the basics here. Does Trump know all the accounts he’s seen?

RYAN NOBLES: It apparently has not seen it yet. And he might see it at the arraignment.

ERIN BURNETT: Right. So he doesn’t he’s not sitting here knowing. So he’s hearing you. And now he’s learning from your reporting that there’s 34 counts of falsification of business documents. Do you understand that there are more or possibly more different charges, or is that as you understand the totality of it?

JOHN MILLER: I believe that that is the grand jury’s work in this case. Now, they could add additional charges later as other information comes up with a superseding indictment. But let’s go on the premise that 34 counts of anything is a pretty complete and thorough look at something. So let’s let’s start off with that.

Watch above via CNN’s OutFront.

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