May 30, 2024

Jesse Watters said he feels bad for Donald Trump after it was reported on Thursday the former president has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury.

Though the exact charges are not clear at this time, District Attorney Alvin Bragg was reportedly investigating whether Trump falsified business records to conceal a hush money payment he allegedly made to pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels. Daniels claims she had an affair with Trump and the $130,000 payment was meant to buy her silence.

The news broke during Thursday’s edition of The Five on Fox News, where the hosts reacted. Watters seemed especially annoyed.

“It’s the stupidest thing I have ever seen,” he said. “And I feel bad for the guy. He didn’t even really have to be president. He had a lot of money. He had a great life. And he decided to run. He won, he got in. They took him down, and now they’re trying to nickel-and-dime him for a private agreement he made with a woman, what, eight years ago? It has nothing to do with politics. Wasn’t paid through campaign funds. This is a disgrace.”

Watters said police will take a mug shot of Trump that his political opponents will spread far and wide.

“And then they’ll plaster that mug shot all over the country for the next two years and run against a criminal,” he continued. “And that’s what this is all about. No one wanted this, not even the left wanted this.”

He then appeared to echo comments Trump has made by hinting that an indictment could prompt his supporters to become violent.

“[T]here’s gonna be a major rally-around-the-flag feeling,” he continued. “I’m starting to feel it right now. I’m angry about it. I don’t like it. The country’s not gonna stand for it. And people better be careful. And that’s all I’ll say about that.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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