April 21, 2024

A Tallahassee charter school principal has been forced to resign after parents complained about a sixth grade art history lesson, claiming Michelangelo’s statue of David, arguably the most famous sculpture in the world, was ‘pornographic’. 

Hope Carrasquilla was pushed out of Tallahassee Classical School this week after three parents complained about the curriculum. 

Two said they wished they’d been made aware that kids were being shown images of the sculpture first, and one claimed it was ‘pornographic’. 

They claimed the images ‘upset’ their children. 

Hope Carrasquilla was pushed out of Tallahassee Classical School this week after three parents complained about the curriculum

Michaelangelo’s David, widely considered the greatest sculpture in the world. It was part of a sixth grade Renaissance art class 

Carrasquilla told The Tallahassee Democrat she was ‘saddened’ that her brief tenure at the school came to an end. She was only in the job for a year. 


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The incident signals yet another point of contention in the ongoing debate surrounding America’s schools. 

On the one hand, public schools in Democratic cities are being pummeled for pushing liberal curriculums without parental consent, and advocating for progressive policy changes for transgender kids. 

In the case of Tallahassee Classical, a handful of easily-offended parents have forced the firing of an experienced principal. 

The sculpture was among artworks being studied in a Renaissance art class for students aged 11 and 12. 

Tallahassee Classical School is a charter school on Florida’s Panhandle 

Created between 1501 and 1504, it is widely considered to be the world’s greatest sculpture. 

School board president Barney Bishop

But the Tallahassee parents considered it inappropriate because of David’s nudity. 

They are now demanding to be given an advanced-vote on any topic or lesson that could be considered ‘controversial’. 

‘Parental rights are supreme, and that means protecting the interests of all parents, whether its one, 10, 20 or 50,’ said school board president Barney Bishop. 

He admitted giving Carrasquilla an ultimatum, telling her she had to either hand in her resignation or would be fired.  

Carrasquilla did not immediately respond to DailyMail.com’s inquiries.