March 21, 2023

Podcasts can serve as a fantastic source of information if you’re looking for something to fill the silence as you’re driving, working on tedious work projects, or just working around the house. And if you’re going to listen to a podcast, why not listen to prepper podcasts?

These are the shows that will help to boost your knowledge of what it takes to make sure that your family has the skills and gear to survive whatever it is that life throws its way, as well as helping you to be better informed as to what some of the threats are out there.

Just like there are a kajillion blogs out there associated with prepping (I made a list of the best), so there is with prepping as well. However, we think that this is likely to be the most comprehensive list on prepper podcasts that you’ll find out there.

See what you think. You may see your favorite show below.

A current events show that regularly features members within the Preppersphere. Every Tuesday, Brooke hosts a show called Tactical Tuesday which features prepper author/current events guru Joe Dolio. Recent shows include talk about secure vehicle movement, living without rule of law, and quite a bit of political discussion.    

No, this isn’t the Youtuber. Some of the recent episodes include one on cyber security, talk about pantry rotation, and what you need to carry while you’re hunting.

A lot of fun subjects are tackled over here. Whether you want to learn the best places to survive a zombie apocalypse, talk conspiracy theory, or look at past mysteries, you can listen to it here at The Casual Preppers Podcast.

There’s a lot of talk about medical preparedness over at this site. Mental health, hyperthermia, and a medical look at the situation in Ukraine will give you a taste of what this show is about.    

A prepper podcast that is geared towards telling people what is happening right now in current events that people need to know and be prepared for. A lot of breaking news comes out of this podcast that you won’t hear about otherwise.

The spread of survival topics is tackled here, whether you’re wanting to learn more about economic collapse, why people are leaving California, or just a bit about Bitcoin – you can learn about it here.

A libertarian-minded survivalist show that discusses everything. They look at what are the threats you really need to be concerned about, urban survival, and more.

Medic Up!

Run by medical guru The Skinny Medic, if you’re wanting to learn more about what to do after an active killer event, about disaster medicine, or about how to evacuate people in a grid-down setting, this is a good place to turn.

Hosted by Dr. Mike Simpson, this guy talks about multiple facets of military life, current events, and a bit of philosophy as well.

Brian tackles a little bit of everything over here, but the bulk of the shows revolve around looking at the how-to of survival. He tackles issues such as prepping when you have people with disabilities in the family, how to help non-preppers prepare, and helpful tips for battling hyperinflation, just to give you a bit of the taste of what the Mind4Survival Podcast has in store. 

Mountain Woman does a lot of talk about homesteading, but she also does a lot of shows on your worldview, the Bible, and other survival-related topics.

Paul LeFavor and Mike, the owners of Blacksmith Publishing talk a little bit about everything here, with an emphasis on the US Military. Given that they both wrote the manual the US Special Forces uses to train its troops, this makes sense. Some of the recent episodes include an interview with the author of the book All Secure, discussion about Operation Eagle Claw, and talk about proper time management.

Hosted by Melissa K. Norris, this is a homesteading-centric podcast that is wildly popular. You need food to be prepared, and Melissa has you covered here. She talks about family cows, Dutch ovens, and everything in between.

Famed author of 299 Days Glen Tate and his wife run this well known show as they tackle concealed carry, parenting, and a prepper-related look at what is happening in the world at the moment and what you need to do to protect your family against it.

There are a number of podcasts related to prepping, survivalism, and current events that can be found over here at Prepper Broadcasting, with new shows coming out every day. The I Am Liberty Show, The Last American, The Strange Truth, and Repairdness with Toolman Tim are but a few of the shows that are available over here.

The primary goal of Preppernet is to serve as a means for preppers to get in touch with one another. Their shows are a combination of prepping advice and a look at what is happening in the world at large. Recent shows include talks about the grid going down, how to beat a water shortage, and an interview with author Glen Tate. 

This guy regularly has some pretty big names in his interviews, including James Wesley Rawles, Bob Griswold, and Matt Bracken. He tackles a lot of current events, but then incorporates what is going on in the world today with the need for preparedness.

These guys look at just about everything prepping related that you could think of. Seventy-two hour emergency kits, “what if…” scenarios, and the like are all of some of what is tackled here. 

Radio Contra

Run by radio guru and War on Terror veteran, NC Scout, Radio Contra is predominantly a current events podcast, but the show routinely tackles preparedness topics as well. For a while, Radio Contra was actually ranked right beside Glen Beck’s podcast in popularity. Examples of some of the recent episodes include a look at whether a nuclear Archduke Ferdinand is on the horizon, talk about how to increase community preparedness through churches, and a look at bugging out mobility.

There’s a lot of talk on disaster radio over here. Recent shows look at when ham radio is banned, models on nuclear attacks against the US, and a look at encryption.

A little bit of everything is discussed over here. Hypothermia? Check. Foot pain? Check. Salt? They’ve got that too.

David Helms operates this podcast, part-time from him home and part-time on the road. He covers all topics where prepping and RVing merge. Any preppers with an interest in camping, van life, or RV life will find his podcast of interest.

Run by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, this show tackles every medical question you could ever want to know as a prepper. There’s a lot of talk on wound care, constipation, anaphylaxis, and literally any other medical subject you’ve ever wondered about.

Jack Spirko runs this show that is about all things survival. Recent shows include a look at using fish antibiotics as collapse medicine, talk about survival medics, and some gear reviews.

Run by Jeff Anderson, Warrior Life mainly revolves around firearms. Jeff looks at the law, the best guns for urban survival, and other firearm-related topics.

A former Army Ranger, John Lovell’s show covers the gamut of firearms, preparedness, current events, philosophy, and everything in between. Recent episodes include “Lessons in Military Leadership,” a review of the movie John Wick,  and a profile of George Washington.