March 23, 2023

The hacker behindthe FTX exploithas been spotted yet again trying to move the funds to several wallets, in the hopes of liquidating them.

What Happened:The hacker moved over 180,000 Ethereum ETH/USD to 12 new wallets, evenly distributing 15,000 ETH to each wallet, data fromEtherscanshowed on Monday.

The amount moved was estimated to be worth $199.3 million at current prices.

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Last week, Blockchain intelligence firmArkham Intelligencerevealedthat the hacker holds $215 million worth of Ethereum, $48 million worth of Makers stablecoinDAIDAI/USD , $44 million worth ofBinance'snative token BNB/USD , $4 million worth ofTetherUSDT/USD and $3.8 million worth ofPolygonMATIC/USD .

The attacker seems to be dividing the funds into smaller accounts to confuse investigators, as perCointelegraph. This process is known as "peel chaining."

In addition, the hacker may use crypto mixers at some point and make it nearly impossible to track the lost funds.

Price Action: ETH is trading at $1100, down 1.81% in the last 24-hours,according to Benzinga Pro.

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