Grizzly Bears and Black Bears….. Know the difference!!


When you are in the woods and you hear a bear coming, there is a way to tell what kind of bear is after you without looking.  Soooo, you don’t have time to look if you are at a full sprint but remember, the average ticked off bear can gallop at 25 mph and will overtake you in seconds which bears (pun intended) the question, what do I do?  Curl up in a ball exposing your back while protecting your face and softer parts like your belly?  Nope, you’ll present yourself as a chew toy and batting ball for the bear and you still can’t tell what kind of bear it is without exposing your face.  So here is what you do; climb a tree.  If the bear climbs up after you and eats you, it is a black bear.  If the bear knocks down the tree and then eats you, it is a grizzly bear.


Here is an article from Western Wildlife Outreach on bear identification:

Grizzly Bear Identification

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