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As I am sure that we are all certainly aware of, water is one of the most precious and vital resources that we can have.

Having access to clean filtered water everyday is something that thousands of unprivileged people around the world can only dream of.  It is so easy to take for granted, the precious life source called water, only to truly appreciate it when you are in a situation that deprives you of that luxury. I’m sure that you can recall a painful memory of being outside on a hot summer day, your tongue feeling tacky and thick, lips dry and pale, and whatever liquid left in your body, escaping through your pores. Common knowledge tells us that the human body is made up of between 60%-70% water. Because water is so vital to the function of our body, it can be a frightening to imagine being in a situation that deprives you of that basic life source.

Let’s say one day you go out for a hike. The day is beautiful, the skies are a bright illuminating blue, the trees are dancing with the wind, your body is at total peace. On your way back from your hike out, you realize that you no longer see any of the landmarks that you followed initially. Everything looks unfamiliar. Your cellphone has no reception, and worse, your camel pack is depleted. You walk for hours, looking for the hiking trail with no avail. You feel weak, tired and thirsty. Because we are already aware of the importance of water, what do we do to protect ourselves from dehydration?

I’ve listed below some viable solutions that can definitely safe a life when in a bind.


1.) Our first point of interest is going to be locating water. A good point to take into consideration, is the state of the water. Listed below are some considerations when looking for water. Credit goes to http://www.wildwoodsurvival.com/survival/water/purification.html.

  • Running water is generally better than still water.
  • Water coming out of the ground from a spring is generally more pure than water that has been running over the ground
  • Look for clear water
  • Avoid water that has algae growing in it
  • Avoid discoloured water
  • Avoid water in marshes and swamps
  • Stay away from water that is near roads. Automobile engines spew out a very toxic brew of pollutants that are harmful, and they don’t all go up into the air.
  • Don’t drink water downriver of mine sites, industry, factories, cities and towns, or any human habitation.
  • Don’t drink water that has passed through agricultural lands – it may contain fertilizers and pesticides

2) Water purification is an important step to take before consuming it straight from the source. Buying a portable filter for when you hike, is probably one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Portable filters give you assurance of having safe water to drink with out risking health concerns. I’ve listed some popular portable filters below for reference.


MoKo Portable Water Filter – $37.99

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter – $249.95

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter –$14.99


All in all, technology is amazing when applied to the concepts of survival. Water is our most valuable resource, and so of course we should always be prepared when we choose to venture out into the great outdoors. Take care of yourself and always be ready for the unpredictable.

Until we meet again in our next post.


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