Don’t Miss The Best Survival Show on TV

If you haven’t seen it yet, the best survival show on TV is “ALONE” on the History channel. It is on Thursday nights at 10 EST, 9 Central 8 Mountain and 7 Pacific.

A group of 10 survival “experts” with varying degrees of bushcraft skills are dropped off on remote Vancouver Island in British Columbia. They are allowed 10 items of their choosing and two sets of clothing. No food, no water, no firearms. The last person to call for help wins $500,000 dollars. Did I mention that Vancouver Island is infested with black bears, wolves and mountain lions? Pretty neat, huh?!!

We’re into the 4th season which has a bit of a twist from previous seasons. They’ve dropped off “companions” this time. A couple brothers, Father and son,  a husband and wife, two friends, etc. One of them is set down 10 miles away from the other who is to set up camp while the first one has to hike to find the second. All he has is a compass and a bearing.

Usually within the first couple days the pussies get weeded out and the real fun begins! Check it out! You won’t be dissatisfied.

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